In case you’ve been unable to stay updated on the regular video updates on Sadhguru’s YouTube channel, here’s a recap of a few videos from 2014. You can always subscribe to the channel, and get updates as and when videos are uploaded.

Of Love and Life - Juhi Chawla in conversation with Sadhguru

In an episode of the In Conversation With The Mystic series, Sadhguru has a lively and insightful discussion with actress, film producer and former Miss India, Juhi Chawla. They discuss various aspects of life, love, relationships, parenting and much more.

Karma and Memory

Sadhguru speaks on the nature of memory and how it influences not just our mind and emotion, but also our body and genetic make-up. He also relates memory to the karmic structure in the human system and how to go beyond this.

How to Avoid Anger?

Answering a question on how to avoid anger, Sadhguru clarifies that anger is not an entity somewhere that we have to avoid. The fundamental reason why anger is a problem is because our minds are not in our control, which is what needs to be addressed.

Why Are We Here?

Answering a question as to what is our purpose on this planet, Sadhguru explains that nothing in the Universe, from the planet to the stars to the solar system, has happened haphazardly. The fundamental nature of creation, which allows it to function perpetually, is the perfection of its geometry. He also speaks about evolution, both from the Darwinian standpoint, as well as evolution as it was propounded in ancient Indian systems.


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A 20-second Crash Course To Become More Receptive

A seeker asks Sadhguru how to get connected and become more receptive. Sadhguru explains how becoming receptive is a natural process if one brings the right kind of awareness.

Growing Spiritually Every Moment, Second and Day

Sadhguru speaks about the spiritual process as being a journey from untruth to truth. Untruth essentially means being entangled in one's identifications. Going beyond these limitations is a way of realizing truth or one's ultimate nature.​

Vak Shuddhi - Effect of Sound & Speech On Human

Sadhguru looks at the influence of sound on the human system, and speaks on how we can maintain Vak Shuddhi, the utterance of the right sounds, within ourselves.

The Symptoms of an ill Mind

Sadhguru looks at how an ill mind can create a poisonous chemical soup within the body. He explains how modern society sees disease as a normal fact of life, which is a serious mistake. But a human being is capable of creating a woderful "soup" and going through life blissfully.

Why these Ups and Downs?

A seeker asks Sadhguru why his spiritual experience seems to have so many ups and downs. Sadhguru explains that spirituality fundamentally means it is about you, not about what you gathered from the outside. Spirituality will become a natural process for anyone who is seeking to move towards the core of life, and can see life for what it is.

Are Psychic Powers and Telepathy Real? Dr. Devi Shetty Asks Sadhguru

Renowned surgeon Dr. Devi Shetty asks Sadhguru whether psychic powers and telepathy are real, and if it is possible to learn these abilities. Sadhguru speaks about chitta, the innermost core of the mind, which is your connection with what we call consciousness. He explains that if the chitta comes within our conscious control, life arranges itself around us beautifully.