Sadhguru conducted an Inner Engineering program for more than 3000 people in Hyderabad last weekend (15th-17th February). It was a rare opportunity for participants to be with Sadhguru for the three days during the program, where they were initiated into the ancient yoga kriya Shambhavi Maha Mudra.

An Isha volunteer of many years shares her experiences, both of this event as well as how times have changed in the Hyderabad Chapter:

The Hyderabad Inner Engineering mega program held at Hitex from 15th to 17th February has just come to an end. Around 3,000 people are crowding around Sadhguru, clamoring for a handshake, a touch, a look, a blessing. Tears streaming, smiles beaming, an inner knowing that something significant has happened to them. As they keep calling him back after he leaves, he returns to say goodbye again and the crowd erupts, is ecstatic again. As I watch human beings who have been transformed over a weekend, I am awestruck and speechless.


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I am transported to the first Inner Engineering program where Sadhguru taught the Shambhavi Maha Mudra Kriya in Hyderabad, in September 2002, which I had attended. His compassionate smile evoked the same response, but all the volunteers had come from TamilNadu. Then, in July 2005, we had the first eight-day, teacher-led program, with 120 participants and only eight volunteers. That program, which was the start of regular Isha programs in Hyderabad, happened with so much intensity! From 120 to more than 3,000 participants, from 8 volunteers to over 350; and I am amazed that the current program has happened with even more intensity than before, there is no dilution due to the larger number of people.

We are over 350 volunteers, working hard since the last four months to reach out to make this happen.  As we gathered for a volunteer’s meeting on Thursday evening, the excitement was high and each one was so intense, so willing to do just whatever was needed to make this happen for the participants. I see that team work means sheer willingness and nothing else.

The participants come in on Friday evening, tentative, unsure, wary of even smiling at each other. On Saturday, by the afternoon, the body language is still guarded, but they smile a little more. By the end of the day, they are smiling openly, greeting volunteers with namaskarams, talking to each other and are so much more open. They come in early on Sunday morning, with excitement and anticipation for the initiation day. One can clearly see as they listen with rapt attention, that they are so much more willing and unrestricted. During the first initiation, being in the hall team, I have my eyes open. I see the hundreds of people being initiated by the Master, their tears flowing with mine, and I am so grateful, just for having been part of this moment, a historic moment for Hyderabad city itself.

After the initiation, we have to remove the cushions. The participants become volunteers… the cushions are removed by them even before the volunteers start working! They help to lay the chairs. We get a message, no, let the cushions stay for the next session. These new volunteers, willingly, without a complaint, simply get to the task! The transformation is complete, as is my gratitude for this opportunity to be a small part of this phenomenon.

Sadhguru finally leaves. The old and new volunteers ask each other, “When is the next mega program in Hyderabad?”