This episode of ‘In Conversations with the Mystic’ with Anupam Kher was a double bonanza. The first treat of the evening was the launch of ‘YOU – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: A Spiritual Possibility’, Pallavi Guptaa’s new photo biography of Sadhguru. Pallavi recounted the journey of how the book came into being and spoke of how she had undergone a transformation since meeting Sadhguru and of how this book was an expression of her gratitude.

After the book launch, Sadhguru and Anupam Kher kept the audience engrossed as they discussed a whole gamut of spiritual, social and personal subjects, all the while trading jokes and hilarious one-liners. Anupam posed questions that any person caught up in the hectic pace of modern life can relate to, such as creating the right atmosphere for a growing child, or throwing a knock-out punch against corruption. An engaging Q&A session with the audience was next, with questions ranging from inspiring people to getting entangled in relationships.

The cherry on the cake was the launch of Isha Foundation’s first ebook, ‘Life and Death in One Breath’ now available on amazon. The book is a compilation of discourses by Sadhguru on various aspects of life and death. With vibrant photographs which bring alive the evocative words, ‘Life and Death in One Breath’ allows one to explore the play between these two seemingly contradictory poles of human existence.

Watch the recorded video of In Conversation with the Mystic with host Anupam Kher


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