Himalayan Sacred Walks 2012

We are happy to announce the Himalayan Sacred Walks 2012, a unique opportunity to soak in the energies of these majestic mountains.

The Himalayas, venerated as the abode of the Enlightened, have been a destination of great significance for spiritual seekers across the world. Sadhguru has always felt a deep connection with the Himalayas. As a way of offering the opportunity to soak in the energies of these enchanting mountains, Isha Foundation organizes the Sacred Walks to Himalayas every year. It comprises two weeks of meditations, treks and camping in some of the most idyllic yet powerful places in the Garhwal region of the Indian Himalayas.

Himalayan Sacred Walks offers the possibility of creating a deep synergy with the mountains and oneself. Powerful meditations and processes allow one to experience higher states of consciousness and experience the impact it has on the delicate relationship of body, mind and energy; ultimately aimed at evoking the power of the mystical mountains and the Grace of the Guru.

The Isha Sacred Walks to the Himalayas will be organized in three batches from May 23rd to June 4th, 2012. Registration closes on 10th May, 2012. However if all places are filled, registration may close earlier.

Come and be a part of this amazing experience!

For more information please visit www.sacredwalks.org

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8 years 3 months ago

It looks marvellous experience in a life-time, being with the master, trekking, long walks, meditations, sharing experiences, being with all people of different cultures etc., Pranams to Sadhguru

8 years 2 months ago

2008 li... sadhguru kooda, yatra pokira vaipukidaithathu........ varthaikalal sollamudiyath anupavam athu......... 

7 years 11 months ago

namaskaram.when ur longing is so intense one day it will come true.this powerful words from sadhguru gives me energy and my long time longing [kailash yatra] came true with sadguru's grace this year.believe me there is no words to express.before boundless i am nothing.nothing.sadhguru's grace led me all over the yatra effortllessly.all my dream came to real in one yatra.now i don't know how to show my gratitude to sadhguru .i bow to him without any boundaries.