Get on your running shoes Chennai! Volunteers are taking up the challenge on December 2nd to raise funds for Isha Vidhya.

Practicing for the Long Run

The participants taking up the marathon for Isha Vidhya are a mixed crowd, from 20 years to 60 years old, all volunteers. However their aspiration is not for an award, it’s to donate for the education of thousands of rural children.

Event Details:

Venue: IIT grounds, Chennai
Date: December 2nd
Distance: 42km, 21km, or 10km


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The Story behind the Chennai Marathon

Marathons have long been associated with raising money for social causes. For the past 4 years, volunteers have been participating in marathons across India to benefit rural children. Through this, we have been able to fund much-needed infrastructure and amenities for the students of the rural schools. Some of the implementations include funding for kitchens to serve mid-day meals, scholarships, and textbooks. So far, Isha Vidhya volunteers have run in marathons in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Now it’s Chennai’s turn! The volunteers here have a lofty goal, looking to raise Rs 1.5 crores ($275,000) for rural schools in Tamil Nadu.

Who can participate?

Anybody can. You can register for the 42, 21 or 10 km run. If running’s not an option, you can also walk. Sponsors have graciously stepped forward to donate for everyone who runs on Isha Vidhya’s behalf. So get on your running shoes!

Participating in the marathon is also a great way to raise awareness among people about this project. Companies can also get involved through sponsorships and help in their own way.

Those who wish to participate should register themselves by Nov 17th.

Phone: 94442 67047/ 99620 56784
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