Bilvashtakam – Audio, Lyrics and Meaning

Sounds of Isha’s Bilvashtakam includes audio, lyrics, the meaning of the song, and a brief description of the Bilva or vilva leaf.

The famous Bilvashtakam extols the virtues of the vilva leaf and Shiva’s love for it. The ashtakam is rendered here by Sounds of Isha.

Lyrics & Meaning

Tridalam triguNaakaaram trinetram cha triyaayudham
trijanma paapasamhaaram eka Bilvam shivaarpaNam

I offer the bilva patra to Shiva. This leaf embodies the three qualities of sattva, rajas and tamas. This leaf is like the three eyes, and the sun, moon and fire. It is like three weapons. It is the destroyer of sins committed in three earlier births. I perform pooja for Shiva with the bilva patra.

Akhanda bilvapatreNa poojite nandikeshware
shudhyantii sarva paapebhyo eka bilvam shivaarpaNam

I offer the bilva patra to Shiva. I complete the pooja for Nandikeshwara by the bilva patra to him, and thus become free of sin

Shaaligram shilaama ekaam vipraaNaam jaatu charpayet
somayadnya mahaapuNyam eka bilvam shivaarpaNam

I offer the bilva patra to Shiva. This leaf is soft and free of blemish. It is complete in itself. It is like three branches. I perform pooja for Shiva with the bilva patra.

DantikotisahasraNi vajape shataanicha
kotikanyaa mahaadaanam eka bilvam shivaarpaNam

The offering of Bilva is greater in power than yagnas and sacrifices.

Laxmyaa stnam unpanam mahadevasya cha priyam
bilva vruksham prayachchhaami eka bilvam shivaarpaNam

The bilva tree was created by Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Shiva has great affection for the bilva tree. I perform pooja for Shiva with the bilva patra.

Darshanam bilva vrukshasya sparshanam paapanaashanam
aghorapaapa samhaaram eka bilvam shivaarpaNam

Beholding the bilva and coming in contact with it destroys all sin. I perform pooja for Shiva with the bilva patra.

Kashi kshetra nivasam cha kalabhairava darshanam
Prayaage maadhavam drushtvaa Ekabilvam shivaarpanam

I offer one leaf of the bilva to Shiva, after being in the city of Kashi, beholding Kala Bhairava, and visiting the temple of Madhava

Moolato brahma roopaaya madhyato Vishnu roopiNe
agrataha shiva roopaaya eka bilvam shivaarpaNam

The lower part of bilva is Brahma, the middle is Vishnu and the upper is Shiva himself. I perform pooja for Shiva with the bilva patra.

Editor’s Note: Bilvashtakam is part of the album Trigun, available for purchase and download at Isha Downloads.

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5 years 9 months ago

Really awesome composition and very well sung by sounds of isha...:)

5 years 9 months ago

Wonderful to have the lyrics and translation. This is a very intense composition which I have been listening for many months. The literal translation within the limitations of languages is just skin-deep when compared to contemplating on the arrangement of sounds in this composition. This is the whole beauty and the seemingly mysterious nature of Hymns and Chants. Pranam

4 years 11 months ago

ashtakam means 8, so if a name carries ashtakam, it contains only 8 stanzas. Its a popular way of writing stotras, similar to panchakam, shatakam, etc .the one you have heard might have included the glory of the author Sri Adi shankara and the benefits of chanting this ashtakam :)

4 years 2 months ago

Thanks for noticing and letting us know. Its now corrected.

3 years 2 months ago

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