Breaking the laws of physical nature is spiritual process. In this sense, we are outlaws, and Shiva is the ultimate outlaw. You cannot worship Shiva, but you may join the Gang.
– Sadhguru

Sadhguru’s latest ebook, “Shiva – Ultimate Outlaw”, is filled with rich graphics and insights that reveal many unknown aspects about the being we call Shiva. Encounter Shiva like never before!

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About Sadhguru
Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is not an esoteric discipline from an outdated past, but a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times. Probing, passionate and provocative, insightful, logical and unfailingly witty, Sadhguru’s talks have earned him the reputation of a speaker and opinion-maker of international renown.

Sadhguru is the founder of Isha Foundation, a non-profit human service organization dedicated to addressing all aspects of human wellbeing, through its scientifically structured system of yoga programs called Isha Yoga, and several outreach projects which address issues related to environment and education.

  • chintu

    Jaiii GuruDev!!

  • saraswathy

    Every thing is so wonderful Sadguru

  • Manikya Mba Kalakanda

    That means, anyone should not do Shivarati singlely. Why so? People at home , how can they do, they can only watch Your live programmes? They shouldn’t do puja as other festivals? Because in this , its there …….so join a gang.

  • hariyali kranti

    Sadguru hi, does this mean that Shiva is not a so called GOD?
    This is what I get out of your beautiful explanation.

    • Robert

      There have been beings (manifestations) that some have chose to call gods. Shiva is what Hinduism calls the field of pure potential. Look at a pristine lake on calm day and you will see as close as you can the Ultimate Reality. Throw a rock (thought) into the lake and will see the material world. Both are the same thing. Worship who or what you want but the lake is all there is and the rest is only people trying to make sense of it.

      • Rashmi Kamble

        Beautifully expressed

  • hariyali kranti

    I request you to answer one question no matter what it takes. Why do we need to worship Shiva? worshipping our parents, they transfer great amount of positive energy when we get blessings from them. I understand that we get the pass to ultimate vastness of space but, why do we need to create an idol, temple or any form? This is also understood as helping people to concentrate on the focal point. Politicians and religious leaders are creating issues issues using all these forms. How can you help me teach people that we are into nothingness’ but still need to gain knowledge when on earth? I want to relate and gather all people under one roof irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and any thing that humans use to differentiate. This must not involve any god or religious practices.

    • Robert

      You do not need Gods, idols or anything else. Just quiet your mind and let others be.

      • hariyali kranti

        Then why are we humans worshipping Shiva? Can’t we just thank him by spreading his teachings of yoga n meditation??

        • Robert

          Why indeed. Nowhere in the teachings of Yoga does it require you to worship anything. Stop thinking so much and Simply Be. As another teacher once taught Become as little childern. They just are. They play they eat they sleep and never think about why. You will only think yourself into countless life times and untold miseries. The world doesn’t need our help.

  • Robert

    What most Westerners don’t understand is that anything that enters the physical realm will eventually die or cease to be. That includes the manifestation of God (Gods). All you see or hear is nothing more than vibration on the field of infinite possibilities. People name things so they can try to know(understand) them. It is hard for most people to grasp the idea of nothingness. All you really need to understand is Shiva is infinite possibilities of which you are but one. Your thoughts bounce off that field and create your world. Eventually you and everything else will return to that field of potential. Those that we call enlightened see life for what it is and are no better or worse than anyone else but only open to reality. Clear as mud.

    • hariyali kranti

      It so happens in India, if one is not In touch with a physical god is considered an atheist. Your explanation has cleared one last doubt left in my mind. Now I can ? preach what actually is called a spiritual connection with no one else but to the unfathomable depth of oneself. Thanks a lot Guruji

      • Robert

        Once you have reached true enlightment you will in fact worship NOTHING and the world will view you as an Atheist. There are few Enlightened in India or anywhere else because they cling to the material world and use objects to represent Reality. People of a kinds get glimpses of the Truth all the time then run around trying to define (label) it rather than just excepting it. Until you can just Simply Be you will question reality out of your existense.

  • Isha Blog Moderator

    Very glad to see that your are looking, searching and taking steps on the spiritual path. You can find Sadhguru’s wisdom, guidance, his explanation about spiritual matters and much more in his youtube channel –
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  • Isha Blog Moderator

    Thanks for pointing this. The link is fixed now.

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  • Isha Blog Moderator

    Sadhguru has spoken about “Vak Shuddhi” about the role of the sounds that we utter and hear, and what kind of sounds can be nurturing or damaging to the system.

  • Klara

    Very nide write-up. I certainly appreciate this website.
    Sick woth it!