Poem: Fortune

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru pens a new poem from iii where a three-day Sathsang and Pournami Pooja was held for over 700 meditators from all over North America. In his new poem "Fortune", Sadhguru reminds us why we have take up the spiritual path, and inspires us to move beyond a life in pursuit of fortune. "Fortune is not found by/ the diggers of gold or by those/ who scavenge the marketplace". A slideshow from the three-day event at iii is also included. Enjoy!


Fortune is not found by
the diggers of gold or by those
who scavenge the marketplace

Fortune is not theirs who dive
into oceans to find what those
before them could afford to lose

In search of fortune, the pittance
that has enslaved too many lives
Bodies bent in search of fortune
Minds filled with madness of fortune
Souls enslaved in search of fortune
Lifetimes gone by in pursuit of fortune

It is in giving away what the slaves
of fortune value, One becomes fortunate

Fortunate are those who are blessed with giving
Fortunate are those who have lost need to hoard
Fortunate are those who do Shambho’s bidding
Fortunate are those who mingle and merge in Him

Love & Grace