T oday, we as a nation are on a threshold. These seven decades of independence have been a journey of striving and sacrifice, corruption and bungling, great achievements and missed opportunities, dotted with four wars and now the threat of terrorism. Yet, with all this, we have still managed to reach a point where we as a nation are on the verge of a completely new possibility.

The coming decade will be crucial in solving the long endured problems of poverty and privation of large masses of people. For the very first time, we are in access of an opportunity to take a huge mass of humanity from one level of living to another. If we as a nation act in unity, awareness and focus, this will become a reality. We as a generation of Indians will have the fortune of realizing this never-before possibility. It is the duty of every citizen to strengthen the hands of those who have taken the responsibility of administering this nation.

May the nation move into an era of new possibilities.

Love & Blessings

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