Idiots with Ultimate Potential

Midway through the Rally for Rivers, Sadhguru shares his views on the past fortnight. He writes about a Marathi Mirchi, the kind of idiots he enjoys being with, and the power of consciousness. Last but not least, he appeals to every one of us: “Don’t slow down; keep the gas flowing and the Rally for Rivers going – full throttle.”
Idiots with Ultimate Potential

அல்டிமேட் திறனுடைய முட்டாள்கள்

Have crossed the halfway mark in the Rally for Rivers saga. It has been a phenomenal run in terms of people’s response across the country. As intended, it has become a National Movement of much significance. The political leadership across the spectrum of parties and ideologies have responded in one resounding Yes to the Rally for Rivers. The Chief Ministers of all the eight states that we passed through have all pledged their support. Moreover, quite a few of them have gone ahead and announced action plans for implementation of the basic features of the Draft Policy.

Don’t slow down; keep the gas flowing and the Rally for Rivers going – full throttle.

All this, on one level, means a solution for the dire condition of the Rivers in India. On a larger canvas, it is true integration of people beyond aspects that normally divide them. People rising beyond their differences and coming together as one is always a phenomenon of great joy. That is what we are witnessing in the Rally for Rivers.

In Ahmedabad – Gujarat, the eighth state in the Rally, that is exactly halfway to the destination of 16 states. Challenging in terms of time, energy, and organization but happening in a celebratory mode. It is profoundly touching to see people standing in most unexpected places with placards. When the human spirit is ignited, how many wonderful expressions it finds is what has been on an exuberant display all through the Rally.

Of the many incredible things that we have been witness to in the last fortnight, encountering a Marathi Mirchi – a girl who is all of seven years making a spirited and passionate appeal to all concerned. It was brilliant and immaculate (sharing the video with you below). This is just one of the many absolutely stunning expressions of human spirit that have been on display. That has been our privilege.


All our teams are holding up and doing an incredible job at the Rally. As I said, “We at Isha are a bunch of idiots doing incredible things. This is the power of consciousness.” If a person gives out all he has and yet does not care to get anything, that is considered being an idiot, is it not? Well, that is the sort of idiots I enjoy being with. That is the sort of idiots who will grow to be giants, and it is these idiots who can transform the world.

Don’t slow down; keep the gas flowing and the Rally for Rivers going – full throttle.

Let us make it happen.

Love & Grace

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