Disease of Modern Society

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru writes about the causes of cancer, and how modern society can reduce the risks. “Cancer is not really an ailment in the standard understanding of what an ailment is. In some way, the cells in our own body are turning against us; it could be stimulated or instigated from outside situations.”

Cancer is not really an ailment in the standard understanding of what an ailment is. In some way, the cells in our own body are turning against us; it could be stimulated or instigated from outside situations. The number of stimulations or instigations from the outside has considerably increased in these so-called “modern societies,” and there are innumerable reasons why this happens. To look at it in a very fundamental way, it is a bad organization of the five elements – earth, water, fire, wind and space. The way we consume food, drink water, and the type of air that we breathe are affecting our system and forcing it to turn against itself. Genetic factors may set a predisposition, but it is not the actual cause of cancer.

Reversing this trend is not an easy process because society is lunging towards a certain type of lifestyle that is bound to disturb the human system in many different ways. Because of the use of chemicals and preservatives in food substances, and the air and water we have poisoned, the incidence of cancer is only geared to rise. One simple thing we can do is move into more natural atmospheres where we breathe fresh air, drink clean water from nature - not from the bottle - and eat food that is grown from land around us. In the yogic system, it was always said that you must only eat food from land near you, within a walking distance of one day. Today, such a thing is not possible. We are very proud of our apples from New Zealand and Australia, our grapes from China, something else is coming from somewhere else. We are proud of the way we have built our market capabilities. It is wonderful on one level, but it has its consequences.  

In the yogic system, it was always said that you must only eat food from land near you, within a walking distance of one day.

Medical science has found many solutions, but it does not matter how many solutions they find, there will be new problems because that is the nature of life. If you try to block something one way, it will find another way and another way. More and more complex forms of cancer will come as we learn to treat it with medication in its existing forms. This is something modern societies have to live with because being modern has become synonymous with being unnatural. If you live naturally, as nature dictates, you are considered archaic. Only if you are completely divorced from the natural process of life are you considered modern. The increase in the number of people being diagnosed with cancer is in part due to more efficient detection. Earlier, many people died without diagnosis. Still, until we change this fundamental idea of modernity, which works against our own well-being, the rise of cancer will continue.

The complex influences happening upon our body is not something one can yet figure out because too many things are happening around us, including the vibrations we have set forth in the form of telecommunications, microwaves and other varieties of transmissions. In Bengaluru, for example, the whole city is buzzing; you cannot hear anything apart from the disastrous traffic. In that region, there used to be millions of sparrows, but most of them have fallen dead due to the radiation effects and electromagnetic fields of mobile phone towers.  Human beings may be a slightly bigger form of life, but do not think the damage has not been done. Certain studies show what kind of damage these reverberations do to the human system.

Our exploration of technology is quite juvenile and childish.  Whatever we can do, we want to do, and only determine the consequences twenty-five years later. Until our science and technology matures into using only what is good for us and rejecting what is not, in spite of all the attraction, and its commercial value, the rise of cancer will continue. I know it is not possible in today’s life to avoid these things; even to read this Spot you are in front of your computer, so you are not only getting my vibes but the computer’s vibes! You can’t help it; it has become a part of life to go through this. But, to whatever extent possible, you can at least keep your areas of sleep and meditation free from these reverberations. It is not a one-hundred percent solution, but if we bring in yogic practices, and lifestyle choices that are more oriented towards our natural existence, we can definitely reduce the percentage of cancer.

Love & Grace

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5 years 1 month ago

Farmers might be happy aren't they Sadhguru ?

5 years 1 month ago

Most of our living spaces are reverberating with electromagnetic waves and are also built with concrete, steel and the like that hamper the free flow of energy in our system during our practices. But in ashram, Dhyanalinga Temple, Linga Bhairavi Shrine, Sadhana Hall, Spandha Hall, Adi Yoga Alayam etc. have roofs that aid in the free flow of energy of the Sadhakas(meditators). Not sure if they are electromagnetic waves-free, but they are made of substances that facilitate the fruition of one's Sadhana(spiritual practice). That should be the reason why I'm planning my next visit on my every visit.

5 years 1 month ago

I remember reading Sadhguru explain how regular fasting controls the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

5 years 1 month ago

I like this article.
I wish it was easier in cities to be closer to nature. We have become Robots.

5 years 1 month ago

Namaskaram Sadhguru,
We are in a money driven world, every single person is behind money and all his energy is devoted to making money, that is where even science and technology is taken for a ride for making money. This is all about economics and living better, without understanding that living better is not about money alone.
If you want to buy oxygen you should not be earning by cutting all the trees around you, cut only the necessary. Naturally you would find you get oxygen as required, you get money also as required, but that gives a feel- you are not affluent, which happens because free oxygen is unaccounted for. when you start accounting to human well being + Money things will go fine till the end, otherwise it shows signs of affluence but extremely bad health- in all other aspects. Big ones who have made big money- its time to stop 'only making money' and reinvest into well being.

5 years ago

As with any problem, for this one too, the best way out is to first accept it the way it is, so one can arrive at the best solution. You are very right. Tech advances can't be left behind, as they are now part of our daily life. Only on accepting this, can we look forward to better life(living spaces) ahead.

3 years 10 months ago

What are Sadhguru's views on steaming vegetables in a microwave? Say for a vegetarian person, who eats mainly vegetables and rice, sometimes potatoes, and fruit when it's affordable.