When we got to the Yoga Center on 20th late evening from a two day trip to Hyderabad, we went straight to Aadhi Yogi Aalayam site. The next morning we were to lay the foundation stone for the 82,000 square feet column-less hall – they are saying it will be the largest of its kind in Asia. Then I found that the stone column with carved symbols of sun and moon upon it, which was to be used for the ceremony, was too small and insignificant for the mammoth hall and for the mission of building infrastructure to raise human consciousness. It was past 10pm and decided to choose a rock that weighs over 11 tons, an oblong. To carve this with the needed images and move it into the site from another place is not a task that is either simple or easy, but that is exactly what our brahmachari construction team did. Just a sample of how we live here. There is no day or night, and we are on seven days of the week and always on impossible timelines. The dedication and commitment with which it is fulfilled is near superhuman. It is touching and inspiring for anyone to live in this atmosphere.

The morning event was kept brief, as it was in the open, and Mister Sun was turning on his heat – looks like he wanted to be present for this ceremony of installing his image.

Aadhi Yogi Aalayam is the first of its kind in an effort to create infrastructure for raising human consciousness and also to acknowledge a being who has played an absolutely significant role in shaping human consciousness. Though we planned many in different places in the world, the first one invariably comes up at the foothills of these sacred mountains, which is a cascade of grace and knowing. Powered by this, for sure Aadhi Yogi Aalayam will become a powerhouse of transmission and transformation.

Click here to watch the Aadhi Yogi video.

Love & Grace

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