A spot of adventure!

And, the Rally enters Karnataka. After a brief stop at Gobichettipalayam, we left for Mysuru. It had started to rain by then.

On the road to Bannerghatta, there are 27 hairpin bends in the Dhimbam ghat section that had vehicles crawl up slowly. And then the mist descended. Drivers could hardly see the road as it cleared and thickened dramatically.

It was in this setting that we saw the elephants. The first sighting was three of them bunched up to the left of the road, and half a kilometre later, another lone pachyderm backing on to the road, tail swishing. It was superb!

The Magic of Mysuru

The Rally for Rivers has reached the beautiful city of Mysuru, Sadhguru's birthplace and his much loved hometown.

Kukkarahalli kere or lake is like the green centerpiece of the city and it is a gorgeous way to begin the day, which is what many locals do. It was a favourite haunt of the Kannada poet Kuvempu.

The group is now headed to Meenakshipura, which is very close to the confluence or sangama of three rivers: Lakshman theertha, Hemavathi and Kaveri. About 50 farmers each from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka will gather to interact.


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