Adopt a Weave

Institutions and corporations can financially support weavers by taking responsibility for weaving clusters or looms.

Institutions and Corporate Houses can adopt specific clusters or looms in need of financial support by contributing capital to keep it operating and growing. This will help revive a textile, a weaving style and a way of life that faces extinction if the current situation continues.

Businesses like hospitality and healthcare that use textile consumables can procure their requirements of bed linens from these clusters as a buyback arrangement.

Clusters identified by the project and which need support are listed here. These range from 500-10,000 looms:

1. Padma Shree Gopinath, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala

600 Looms

2. Sirsila, Warangal, Telengana

10,000  Looms

3. Chinnalapatti

4. Mggs

5. Gandhigram

Contact Details:

Weave Cluster for adoption

Contact Person: Arup
Ph:+91 90075 26611

Contact person: Ponnusamy
Mail Id
Ph:+91 94889 67321

Contact person: Arup Rakshit
Ph:+91 90075 26611

Contact person: Jothi Chhavi
Ph:+91 97917 49525

Contact person: Mani Gandhigram
Ph:+91 88702 98398

Contact person: Padmashri Gopinath
Ph:‎+91 97444 57252