Sadhguru’s Mystic Eye Program in Singapore on January 12th is a unique opportunity to learn simple yet powerful yogic techniques from a realized Master. Open to anyone over 15 years of age, the 1-day program is ideal for those looking to enrich their perception and experience of life, and cultivate a productive, insightful mind and a dynamic, healthy body.  These time-tested, pragmatic methods have been a life-changing experience for over a million people who have benefitted from Sadhguru’s programs

Jean, one of the many thousands in Singapore who have been touched by Sadhguru’s offerings, is helping out with the setup and related activities for the program. She relates her experience of the past few days and describes the excitement and anticipation among her fellow-volunteers as they prepare for the big day.


Never in my life have I felt so alive by giving. Never in my life have I felt so much joy to take on various activities. So much has been done and it’s truly inspiring to see everyone work so closely and in such harmony despite our own family and work commitments and schedules.

Everyone is excited and it shows when we all get together. Everyone’s eyes are aglow with anticipation of the number of people that will be touched through this event and the exuberant energy is palpable. If you closed your eyes and sat amongst these Isha volunteers, you’d see rainbows.


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They do not care who you are, they just want you to feel that joy because they know how magnificent and life-transforming it is. It’s a sincere kind of love that pours out, it is kind, generous and most of all, unconditional.

Busy little busy bees;
Silently you buzz about.
Busy little busy bees;
On the marketing, advertising route.
Busy little busy bees;
Writing, accounting, logistics, sales.
Busy little busy bees;
Long-distance phone calls, Skype and e-mails.
Such passion and fervor,
Vibrate from your wings.
Out of love, belief,
Your giant hearts sing.
Only because you know and you’ve seen,
What changes could happen;
What all this could bring.
A world of laughter, joy and love
To make it happen,
How wonderfully you serve.

Editor’s Note: Visit Isha Yoga’s Singapore page for more info on the 1-day Mystic Eye Program on January 12.