During a sathsang at the Isha Yoga Center on July 31, Sadhguru offered shawls and saris to the first seven Devi Sevakas, who will now perform Bhairavi Punya Poojas. The pooja is a specially designed process that invokes Devi’s presence and grace in homes and office spaces. One of the Sevakas shares her experience of the 21-day sadhana, and her training process.

Until 7.40 pm on that most auspicious day of July 31, we didn’t have an inkling about it – that the seven of us were to be given our shawls and saris by Sadhguru during the sathsang. We had just got back from our surprise visit to the maattumana in a bullock cart and smelt like the cowshed itself, but were instructed to directly go for our dinner and be back in Adiyogi Alayam for the sathsang. But when we got there, we were told to rush back and change into something good and get seated right next to the dais. Within thirty minutes – which included the quickest-ever shower, a sari wound around, and pleading with the security who wouldn’t let us in through the front entrance to Adiyogi Alayam – we were finally inside the hall and seated. Bhairagini Maa let out a breath of relief and Sadhguru walked in.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous when we climbed onto the dais to receive Sadhguru’s blessings along with the sanctified sari and the red shawl. Even otherwise, by the end of the 21-day sadhana, I was discovering that some of my inhibitions had suddenly disappeared. During the sathsang, Sadhguru talked about our sadhana and said that we were the first batch undergoing Pooja training and that our duty was to carry the grace of Devi to people. Anyone could be trained to do this, he said, and millions should do it. What was needed was a devoted and intense heart, and above all, integrity in all our actions. Devi would take care of the rest.

The training had started on Guru Purnima, July 12. It began with chanting lessons. Bhairagini Maa patiently listened again and again to each of us, corrected us and guided us along. Gradually, the training progressed. Until she was convinced that we were well-versed, she meticulously went through each process several times. She was one among us, encouraging us, laughing with us and feeling for us.

The one quality that stood out among us like a set of flying flags was the willingness to do whatever we were told with 100% dedication, at least to each person’s limit. It was as if the seven of us were working as one, if one person did well, she wanted the other person to do so too.


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One particular incident occurred which left an everlasting impression upon me. According to our schedule, we were to have our dinner at 7.45pm, after which we were to rest for the day. I had always attended both the morning and evening abhishekams at the Linga Bhairavi, and continued to do so even after my sadhana began, and would go for dinner at 8.15pm. Swami met me on the third day as I was coming out after the abhishekam and asked me to strictly follow the sadhana schedule because it was created to help us get out of our likes and dislikes. On that night, I decided that I would try my level best to unburden this huge bundle of likes and dislikes within me and accept whatever was offered with my palms folded in gratitude. And just as every time I make a major decision in my life – any decision that would help me grow spiritually – I could feel the grace of my Guru being showered upon me.

The Devi Sadhana did wonders for me. I could feel my heart overflowing with love for Devi. It was as if I could communicate with her and feel her emotions. Several times during the sadhana, I found myself sobbing. They were tears of gratitude for having been offered this great opportunity to serve her.

I know that this is going to be the most eventful period of my life and I just hope and pray that the seven of us will progress well and be able to serve her to her heart’s content. The 21 days of sadhana are over, but I know that the rest of our lives should be a continuous sadhana if we wish to fulfil the trust that has been bestowed on us. And for that, we need a lot of grace, Devi’s as well as Sadhguru’s. We pray for that in all humility.

Editor’s Note: To schedule a Punya Pooja, please email poojas@lingabhairavi.org. For those who wish to volunteer for the training, please email info@lingabhairavi.org or call +919443365631.