On December 4th, 2157 people from all over Tamil Nadu attended the “Sadhguruvudan Oru Naal” Tamil program with Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center, spending the whole day with the Master, as they were initiated by Sadhguru into the powerful AUMkar meditation, Nadi Shuddhi, and Yoga Namaskar practice. Sadhguru also gave discourses during the program, and participants interacted with him through a Q&A session, where Sadhguru answered several questions from participants on yoga, living joyfully, and fulfilling one’s ambitions.

A Powerful Combination of Practices

The AUMkar meditation is a simple process which when practiced regularly, helps strengthen one’s physical and mental composition and brings about tremendous balance and wellbeing. Yoga Namaskar is a physical practice that involves a series of postures and nurtures the physical, psychological and energy dimensions of a human being. Nadi shuddhi is a powerful practice which literally means cleansing the nadis. The nadis are the pathways or channels through which the prana or vital energy in the body flows. Keeping the nadis clean makes the system vibrant and receptive.


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Demystifying Yoga

During his talk, Sadhguru demystified what yoga is, providing a clear and lucid explanation. “What is human is not an established state, it is a possibility. If this possibility has to be made use of, there is a whole system of understanding that needs to happen. The technology and science of understanding the mechanics of how this life functions is what we are referring to as yoga.” He also spoke of putting our joy on “self-start.” “If your inner situation happens in compulsive reaction to the external situation, being joyful is always going to be accidental. What you call as the outside is a million different ingredients over which you have no control. But inside there is only one ‘you.’ So first learn to manage your inner situation and then do your best and become indispensable to the outside situation.”

Wave of Bliss

The entire program took place in the Adiyogi Alayam, an 82,000 sq. ft. hall at the Isha Yoga Center.  Specially consecrated by Sadhguru, the energy in the Alayam is deeply transformative and is designed for meditative processes. The Alayam is one aspect of the infrastructure being created by Sadhguru to raise human consciousness, and it is playing a significant role in Sadhguru’s vision to offer one drop of spirituality to all.

As a part of this endeavor to offer one drop of spirituality, Sadhguru has set forth a massive spiritual movement in Tamil Nadu and South India, called “Ananda Alai – A Wave of Bliss.” In 2010, Sadhguru conducted a series of 17 mahasathsangs in the state. Over 30,000 to 1 lakh people attended each of the mahasathsangs. In 2011, Sadhguru began conducting a series of large-scale 2-day programs, which have been attended by over 29,000 participants in two programs in Chennai, and over 10,000 participants in each program at Madurai, Trichy, Pondicherry and Salem.