1 Day To Go - Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

On Day2 of Cauvery Diaries, everyone is converging at Bhagamandala, near the origin of Cauvery in Karnataka. A group of gusty motorcyclists, bus-loads of volunteers & Sadhguru will reach tonight for a special campfire-lit event! Follow the Live Blog.
isha blog article |1 Day To Go - Cauvery Diaries: Of Motorcycles and a Mystic

Here we are on Day 2 of Cauvery Diaries! With one day left before Sadhguru’s Cauvery Calling journey from Talacauvery to Thiruvarur, we bring you updates from our volunteers at Bhagamandala in Karnataka. They brave the rainy weather and get ready for Sadhguru’s arrival tonight at the campsite. Catch up on their journey in yesterday’s blog.

10:00am - On your mark, get set, go!

Bangalore motorcyclists have set off for Madikeri. Many riders share that they are embarking on the most significant journey of their lives. Here we are going LIVE... don't miss the excitement of the roar of these fantastic machines!


9:00am - A wrong step forward and you have muddy feet... On the Cauvery trail at Bhagamandala

Bus 1 reaches the home of wilderness, the campsite for tonight’s offbeat event with Sadhguru. As we near the origin of Cauvery, rain can't help but pour down in greeting to touch the leaves and shoots that decorate the mountain.


Sadhguru’s Connect - Bhagamandala

“I have rafted down Cauvery from Bhagamandala to the Krishna Raja Sagara dam and the Brindavan Gardens in Karnataka. That is over 160 kilometers. It took me around thirteen days on four truck tubes and twelve bamboos. I know this terrain very well. One thing that really stands out is that, in this entire 160 kilometers, it is only in the first 30 to 35 kilometers that there is any forest vegetation. After that there is just agriculture. How will a river flow with this? We don’t have ice-fed rivers in southern India. These are forest-fed rivers. Unless there is forest, there will be no river after some time. Our idea of a catchment area is that 35-kilometer valley. No, catchment should be all along the way.”

8:30am - Update from Bus 1

A journey of a few hours took a full day... But we are sure the bus of Cauvery Calling will reach the destination and our farmers will plant 242 crore trees. When a mystic is our driver, how can we ever be lost on the way?day-1-to-go-on-the-cauvery-trail-pic-2day-1-to-go-on-the-cauvery-trail-pic3