A deep and mystical exploration through music, dance, and spirituality, Mahabharat will be an in-depth look into the wisdom of this immortal saga.

Guided by Sadhguru, a mystic and enlightened Yogi, participants will have the opportunity to live the intensity, the adventure and the enchantment of Mahabharat in this seven-day festival event.

No stranger to spiritual sojourns of epic proportions, Sadhguru previously conducted Vaibhav Shiva -- an immersive experience of the exuberance of Shiva, and Leela -- a foray into the playful, spiritual process of Krishna.

‘Mahabharat - Saga Nonpareil’ will be much more than just a program to attend or performances to witness. You are invited to become part of a truly breathtaking explosion of arts, culture, and beauty. A celebration of life’s exuberance and depth. An insightful exploration of an unparalleled saga, inimitably interpreted by Sadhguru.

Join us from 11-18 February, 2012 for this magnificent event held at Isha Yoga Center!


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