Isha Whispers...Feb 2019

"Isha Whispers...” is a monthly newsletter that gives you access to the inside scoop of what goes on behind-the-scenes at Isha - be it Sadhguru's programs, events, volunteering, intimate sharings, inspiring incidents or glimpses into some little known facets of Sadhguru...
Isha Whispers...Feb 2019

From the base of fighter planes in eastern India to a fashion show for peace in chic New York…from his alma mater in the 70s to the Under-25 Summit… from inspiring farmers to elevating the cream-of-the-crop at Harvard University…experience Sadhguru's culture-crossing itinerary through the chit-chats of Isha volunteers. Here, for you, the second Isha Whispers

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Isha Whispers Feb 2019


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