This week saw the launch of Isha Herbal natural products by Sadhguru and H. Ramesh (chairman of the TSS group of companies) at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences.

In today’s society, the awareness of what is beneficial for one's body has been all but lost. If people had this awareness and ate naturally, all elements for health and vitality would be there in their everyday diet. Isha Herbal is providing a simple but invaluable range of ayurvedic plant supplements, which maintain the fundamental life-giving quality of the plant, aiming to put that aliveness back into people.

For the initial launch, Isha has 5 products that are being released: Turmeric, Licorice, Ashwagandha, Flax Seed, and Panax Ginseng. Sadhguru speaks about why Isha Herbal is important for people’s lives:

These are not necessarily for the sick, these are for those who want to be alive. These are not even supplements; they should have been part of your diet. You're eating out of a marketplace, not out of nature. Because of that, these things need to be added, and I think it will be a very important addition, particularly to the western part of the world. Genuine herbs, which can make a difference in one's aliveness - you don't need health, you need aliveness. If this system is alive enough, it will create health. So Isha Herbal is one step towards this."

ISHA HERBAL will be available through the rejuvenation centre, Isha hospital and from the Isha pharmacies, the first of which has opened recently in Salem. It will also be available at and the upcoming Inner Engineering program in Toronto on November 12-13.


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