The Hatha Yoga trainees return to share a glimpse into their recent travels to historic temples and experiences of programs at the ashram.

The below is a sharing from one of the Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainees:


“Last week we had the opportunity to travel outside the ashram to see a temple Sadhguru wanted us to visit. It was amazing to experience it as many people have for over 2 thousand years. We were all in shock to the see the level of precision with which they carved each pillar and every corner of the temple. We spent some time gazing at the beautiful deities carved on the beams from a single piece of stone. This is something words can't describe - this is something to be experienced. The best part was to be able to hear the history and stories behind this temple narrated by Swami Ullasa. It felt as if we traveled in time when he continuously asked us to imagine the scenery two thousand years back. I personally loved how every detail of the temple was constructed in a specific way to make you more receptive to the energies in it.


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After the temple we went to a farm for lunch. This was a great time to eat outside in nature and enjoy the weather. After lunch, we had a beautiful time playing, dancing and singing. Personally, I love the fact that I can learn more about the culture with my fellow students while dancing to the drums and hearing them cheer to their classic Indian songs. Coconut water was the drink of the day and everyone lined up for the refreshing taste. This trip allowed us to come closer in a different environment and it was nice to see everyone get together and have fun like a big Hatha Yoga Family.”

Recently, the trainees had the opportunity to participate in some of the other programs offered at the Isha Yoga Center. Below are sharings of their experiences:

Sai Boyella

“I attended the four-day Inner Engineering retreat here at the Isha Center and got to see the ashram from new eyes. The other participants were astonished by the dedication of the volunteers and the beauty of the mountains and fields all around us. It took me back to how I felt the first few days I arrived at the ashram, stunned by the simultaneous simplicity and intricacy of everything around me, from architecture to culture. The other initiates were deeply saddened to be leaving on the last day, reminding me just how lucky I am to be calling this wondrous place home for the next five months.

Selena from Switzerland feels as though all the tools we've learned so far are like seeds. She cannot see the leaves or the root yet, but she understands that we must be patient.

The men had the opportunity to also attend the Bhava Spandana Program happening at the same time. Each of their experiences was varied given their diverse perspectives, but they all colluded with a feeling of community. Harsh from Aurangabad said, ‘The BSP experience grows exponentially with each hour. I found it slow at the start, but by the end of the program, I was ecstatically exuberant. Sadhguru's infinite compassion to show us all the meaning of life comes forth clear and crisp, giving a direction to the way my remaining time should be spent on Mother Earth.’

To take the next step on the journey for spiritual ascension, many of us attended the Shoonya Intensive Program a few days ago. Meera from the U.K. found that the Shoonya Meditation aspect of the program helped her distance herself from external circumstances and situations. About the practice she said, ‘It's wonderful to be in the moment. I can finally concentrate on just being here and fully give all of myself. I don't have too many chances to do this, so when they come, it's nice.’

Selena from Switzerland feels as though all the tools we've learned so far are like seeds. She cannot see the leaves or the root yet, but she understands that we must be patient. Tyler from Canada says he is eager to start noticing the feeling of an extra three hours of sleep that the Shakti Chalana is said to grant us. Already after the practice he feels more awake all day, which makes compromising some precious sleep worth it.

Dennis from Holland said the most profound effect of the program was that it left him with an immense sense of gratitude. More than he had ever felt before, even after his Bhava Spandana Progam or in the month just before his departure to India. He also remarked that it felt really special that the program fell on Pournami, the full moon. It was the perfect night for a long walk and a visit to the Devi temple. Being in her presence made us even more thankful. All our aches and soreness seemed to melt away in her embrace, and we were filled with the space for a divine possibility. Though our new schedules can seem daunting, we are the ones who decided we don't want toys; we want tools. Our willingness is the key to smooth sailing, even soaring, down our spiritual paths.”

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