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In this issue:


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Our Musings article A Perfect Union,” which is excerpted from Sadhguru’s discourse during this year’s Mahashivarathri, beautifully expresses a profound truth through metaphorical and mythological imagery.

One essential requirement to be aligned with the celestial luminaries in this great night of Shiva was to keep the spine in a vertical position. We push it up a notch in our second Musings article, Sitting Still,” by examining how to not just sit, but to sit still.

Sadhguru’s practical advice on how to arrive at a state of stillness and ease is complemented by a new part of our Isha Hata Yoga series, in which he discusses The Impact of Clothing, Jewelry, and Spectacles.”

Though establishing certain prerequisites is supportive, it should not divert our focus from the essential. In our Lead Article, Now or Never,” Sadhguru expounds why deferring or postponing our spiritual pursuit could prove fatal once the opportunity presents itself.

Meanwhile, we still have to take care of our bodily needs, and our Green Papaya Salad has it all to keep us nourished, refreshed, and healthy.

Enjoy Isha Forest Flower April 2014!

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