From 18-20 January, Sadhguru will be offering an Inner Engineering program for 3,000 people in New Delhi. As of now, only a few hundred seats inside the hall are still available, so anyone wanting to book a seat should register soon!

Seeing the demand, instead of stopping the enrollment, the Delhi team has opened up an annex hall for further registrations, so people will not miss this opportunity to be with Sadhguru.

Though participants in the annex will not be able to directly view Sadhguru, as with all Isha Programs, there will be no compromise in what is offered and their experience of the program.

The annex hall will be equipped with large screens, so they will not miss out visually on anything in the program.

Program preparations are now in full swing, with volunteers coming from as far away as Lebanon to be a part of the Inner Engineering with Sadhguru. Stay tuned to the Isha Blog for more updates!


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