Linga Bhairavi Devi is making her presence known throughout the world with the “Devi Darshan,” an evening of exuberance and celebration with the Devi. On April 12, Atlanta hosted the first ever Devi Darshan. Meditators invited friends, family and the general public to take part in this pooja which included chanting, meditation and dance. A Bhairagini Maa from Linga Bhairavi in India traveled to conduct the pooja.

Toronto followed suit on April 28, on the auspicious day of Amavasya. Detroit, Singapore and San Diego will conduct Devi Darshans on May 10, May 24 and June 7, respectively. Over 250 guests attended each darshan so far, many of them experiencing Devi for the very first time. Many left with their minds clear and hearts full, sharing the peacefulness and beauty they experienced. One participant from Toronto shares, "Going into it, I didn’t know what I would feel or how I would connect with Bhairavi. As we recited the Stuthi, I started feeling a certain vibration within me, and each moment it increased. As the devotional music started playing, a tremendous sense of calmness came over me and all of a sudden tears stared flowing. I didn’t know what caused it, I was not thinking about anything, but I could feel the Devi's presence in the room, like the Bhairavi Devi was alive. Not just a picture, but something so real. I felt like I could feel her within me.  Ever since that day of the Devi pooja, I can feel Devi's presence around in some way or form.”

In Atlanta, a group of young meditators learned the dances offered at Linga Bhairavi on Pournami Pooja. Eleven volunteers also took part in the abishekam by bringing each of the auspicious offerings to the dais, a chance to be with Devi and offer themselves. A devotee shares, “It is hard to express in words the feeling of preparing for the event, and especially the pooja itself. But it is something I hope everyone gets to experience. I would not have believed that the presence of Devi could be so powerful, prior to being a part of the Devi Darshan. Being in the atmosphere allowed me to open myself up to feel the presence that was there, which I feel blessed to have experienced.”

Detroit Devi Darshan

Saturday, May 10, 2014 @ 4:30pm

The Hindu Temple of Canton

Singapore Devi Darshan

Saturday, May 24, 2014 @ 5:30pm

Rudra Kali Amman Temple


San Diego Devi Darshan

Saturday, June 7, 2014 @ 6:30pm

San Diego Bahai Center


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