A Visit from China

Starting on Guru Purnima, a fortunate group of people began their journey with Isha, travelling all the way from China to receive the Inner Engineering Program.

Starting on Guru Purnima, a fortunate group of people began their journey with Isha, travelling all the way from China to receive the Inner Engineering Program. A volunteer who was with the group throughout their stay discovered more than one miracle both within and without…

What I witnessed in the past week was a miracle. I had the opportunity to be with a very unique group of people who came all the way from China, thirsting to be with Sadhguru and what he has to offer. A Chinese retreat was organized at the Isha Yoga Center for the very first time, with 26 Chinese participants, most of whom knew absolutely no English. There was a translator who translated the program live.

The retreat program began on the Guru Purnima (22nd July 2013) with Pournami pooja, Maha Arati and a sathsang with Sadhguru. The group also had the privilege of having an intimate meeting with Sadhguru the next day. It was beautiful to see them gather around him like little children, sharing their deepest longing and overwhelming feeling of gratitude to be in His presence.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them as they held folded hands with eyes watering out of devotion. These people truly melted me and allowed me to open myself a little more. Before Sadhguru left, he promised: “In the next 4 four days, you will not miss me even for a moment!”

With such openness, language was not at all a barrier. Though the whole program was delivered through live translation, not a single participant showed any lapse in enthusiasm for even a moment. I have not seen another group of people go through a program with this much willingness, joy, love and gratitude. For the first time, I felt that whatever I was doing for the program was not enough, and every moment became an opportunity to give more.

It all happened right in front of my eyes. Grace flowed, barriers fell apart, and a language of a different realm occupied the entire space. As the days went by, through treks, games, and volunteering in different areas of the ashram, each participant seemed to blossom in their own way. A jovial trip to a nearby farmhouse proved to be exuberant with pouring rains and a splash in a nearby stream.  After a set of games, two ladies sang Chinese songs, after which all broke for a surprise and welcome hot meal in the farmhouse.

The group also went for a visit to Isha Vidhya. They were overwhelmed watching the children participating in a frog race, doing yoga, chanting Sanskrit chants, dancing, singing, and in their classroom. The children had a hundred questions for these new visitors who came to their school, and the group had the opportunity to serve the midday meal for the children.

After the visit was a snake show, featuring a bronze back, trinket, two-headed snake, rat snake, flying snake, python, cobra, and even a tarantula. Swami Nagaroopa explained the nature of each snake, telling us that their quick movements were more out of self-defense than any unsavory intention.

Along with this vibrant group of seekers, I saw layer after layer within me drop, and a newer light blossom. Though I cannot truly express this change in words, what I can say is that the Master’s Grace was present beyond his words. The program was an absolute reminder that what Sadhguru has to offer is far beyond the boundaries of language.