A Beginning to self discovery - Inner Engineering Intensive with Sadhguru

Change in title: A Beginning of Self-Discovery - Inner Engineering Intensive with Sadhguru Description: A group of people from different corners of the globe came together to experience an Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center.

Nobody present could miss the festivity that pervaded Isha Yoga Center on 4 June, the first day of the Inner Engineering Intensive with Sadhguru. With drum beats and flute notes suffusing the evening air, followed by a colorful folk dance, the participants were ushered into the opening session. And this was only the beginning of a most elevating spiritual experience.

A few hundred people, among them noted doctors, television personalities, businessmen, executives, teachers, and housewives, gathered from across the world to be with Sadhguru. It was a privilege that, in the course of the program, many of the participants would experience as something much greater than they could have expected.

Stirring the minds of those who had gathered and encouraging a revisit of preconceived notions, Sadhguru systematically laid the foundations for the realization of the self. Many who had earlier thought of Indian spirituality as too complex and too boring listened in rapt silence as he unfolded the profound in a simple and clear way.

Participants were of diverse backgrounds and of different countries, but, Sadhguru struck a chord with all, leading each by the hand to calm and clarity. One participant stated: “Before coming here I had a lot of confusion about karma, rajas, tamas and spirituality in general. His presence and way of putting complex concepts in a simple way gave me insights to understanding life at a practical yet deeper level.”

The experience of the program was enhanced by visits to the Dhyanalinga Temple, dips in the Theerthakund, games in the open, music, dance, festive dinners, a trek to the Vellangiri Mountains, and, most of all, being in Sathsang with the Mystic.

The initiation into Shambhavi Maha Mudra offered a possibility of a new and a more meaningful and deeper way of living life. Marzi, a US resident, said: “I am so glad I chose to come here. Initiation seems like a sea which broke my resistance and the inhibitions that curtailed me.”

A participant summed up her personal program experience in the following way: “I have learnt a way of living life in a more joyous manner, where I will be responsible for myself and be capable of handling more diverse situations.” It was a perception shared by most.

A few others expressions:

Jhansi Lakshmi, film artist and TV anchor wrote: I am deeply inspired by Sadhguru. Having a magnetic personality, he is the generation X Guru – be it in management, environment or public relations. He is taking Indian spirituality to new heights by making the most profound dimensions accessible to large numbers of people across the world. I felt a calming effect in his presence and during the Shambhavi Maha Mudra kriya. Sadhguru is giving us the essence of yogic practices in the most understandable manner.

Rina Vivek Anandam, Managing Director of a BPO wrote: I am extremely grateful to Sadhguru for initiating me into a new way of life through the Shambhavi Maha Mudra. I found his talks intellectually very stimulating. I will definitely come back to participate in Action for Rural Rejuvenation.

Dinesh, IT specialist wrote: Coming to the ashram for the program has brought a lot of tranquility in me. Though I had never done meditation earlier, within four days, my thoughts acquired more clarity. Sadhguru has answered every question of mine the way nobody could till now. I have never met anybody like him earlier. Being in his company has touched me immensely. The program could not have been organized in a better way.

Ramalakshmi M., Bhakti TV wrote: The first time I saw Sadhguru I felt as if an ancient yogi had come into the modern world. He has a mystic quality to him. He is really required for this generation and for future ones too.”