A human being should live in a space which is charged with a certain energy which will naturally push him upward. Not something that traps him into the ways of life, but something that constantly helps him transcend. It’s very important that you create the right kind of space around you, so that you live well.

– Sadhguru

A housing community at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences providing a supportive atmosphere for anyone seeking inner growth and wellbeing, and a serene forested setting away from the daily hustle.

“Without exaggeration, living in Isha Village and being a part of iii is the most fulfilling, exuberating and just plain fun time of my entire life! It affords me a place to be near Sadhguru (when he is here and not), intensify my sadhana by living in a consecrated space, contribute to iii goals as a volunteer and work and live with people who are passionate about all these things.”

Manuela McCusker
Manuela McCuskerIsha Village resident for 2+ years

Living at Isha Institute

Daily life at Isha Institute provides an opportunity to deepen and enhance one’s spiritual growth. Residents can make use of morning and  evening sadhana sessions in consecrated spaces on campus. Throughout the day, residents can choose to volunteer with various departments in  running the ashram and supporting Isha programs. Residents may also participate in events, moonlight dinners, and special sathsangs with  Sadhguru.

Residents have access to an extensive network of hiking and biking trails, preserved green space, enchanting vistas from the bluffs and gushing waterfalls. The spectacular Cumberland Plateau offers the best of all four seasons—comfortably warm summers, colorful autumns, mild winters, and spring bursting with life!

Whether you are interested in living at Isha Institute full-time, part-time, or as a plan for your retirement, now is the time to invest:

Retired meditators would benefit greatly from spending this valuable portion of life within a consecrated space and engaged with the vibrant community.

Meditators working full-time or wishing to maintain their current lifestyle could easily make use of an Isha Village home, as a supportive environment, while conducting business outside.

Those who are able to work from home can take advantage of the Isha Institute’s support while keeping up with their work requirements.

Close proximity to Nashville and Chattanooga provides the benefits of city living, and many work opportunities for those seeking to continue their business outside.

Living in a

Through his mastery of the science of yoga, Sadhguru has established consecrated spaces at the Isha Institute: The Abode of Yoga and Mahima. As well as the Dhyanalinga, Linga Bhairavi, and more at the Isha yoga Center in India

In ancient times, across many parts of the world, whenever any human habitation was created, people first created a consecrated space around which the habitation grew. Such was the importance given to the idea that human beings must live in consecrated spaces.

With the creation of consecrated spaces, the possibility of discovering yoga in a completely different way, in its richer and deeper dimension, becomes available to all.

Living near or even spending time in the powerful spaces at the Isha Institute has many advantages. With the availability of home lots and studios, you have the opportunity to soak in this conducive environment for growth on a daily basis.


Maintain your own lifestyle, while living in a supportive community within close proximity of consecrated spaces at Isha Institute.

Located on the western side of the Foundation’s land, approximately one mile from the ashram main campus. Lots vary in size from approximately 3/4 to 1 acre each, and include access to electricity, fiber-optic internet, phone, and city water.

A wide range of home sizes can be built on your lot, from 500-5,000 square feet.

With the original 10 lots in Phase I quickly sold out, and the first home being completed in 2014, expansion plans now include 37 more lots in Phase II, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who it’s for:

Isha Village residents enjoy the freedom to lead their own lifestyle, while at the same time utilizing all the benefits that living within the sphere of an ashram offers for their inner wellbeing.

Whether you are working full-time outside the ashram, a retiree, a family, or simply looking for more space and flexibility in your living situation, Isha Village is a supportive sanctuary. As the Isha Village community grows, additional services and resources may be available, such as assisted living and property management services.

Membership Overview

Housing is available to anyone who has taken an Isha Yoga program and their families. A tax-deductible donation to Isha Foundation is required in order to obtain a housing membership.

To purchase a lot in Isha Village, please apply here.


A residential community at the heart of the Isha Institute, where meditators can thrive in the supportive infrastructure setup by Sadhguru on a daily basis.

Located steps away from the Abode of Yoga, dining and program spaces, the studios provide a private space in the middle of the ashram.

Studios are between 350 & 420 square feet.

Available starting early 2017. Studios available on a first-come, first-served basis until full. Advanced booking available now.

Who it’s for:

Isha Studios allow one to maintain a private space while still residing, volunteering and thriving within the ashram community.

Whether you are considering living at the Isha Institute full-time or looking to have a consistent space to return to whenever you visit, the Isha Studios are a great option. Those able to work remotely can continue their occupation from their studio, and still be an integral part of the community. For those wishing to devote their time and efforts towards supporting Isha full-time, studios can be supportive for retirees, couples, or anyone looking for a private space, at a walking distance to consecrated spaces.

Membership Overview

Studio membership is available to anyone who has taken an Isha Yoga program and their families. A tax-deductible donation to Isha Foundation is required in order to obtain a studio membership.

To reserve a studio membership, please apply here.

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