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This is not a protest. This is not an agitation. This is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water must Rally For Rivers. - Sadhguru

Our Rivers Are Dying

India’s rivers are undergoing a drastic change. Due to the pressures of population and development, our perennial rivers are becoming seasonal. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished. Flood as well as drought are becoming increasingly frequent as rivers turn unruly during the monsoon, and vanish once the rainy season is over.

Rally for Rivers is a nationwide awareness campaign to revive our rivers. Conceived by Sadhguru, the campaign has been taken up by every section of society across the nation. But this campaign can be a success only if youth lead from the front. And art is a powerful medium to convey a message. So get your creative juices flowing and let the nation know about the crisis our rivers are facing!

The Contest

Saving Rivers: India’s Lifelines

Get your whole school together – students, teachers and staff – and create a collaborative mega-art project that tells us about saving India’s rivers.

Judgment Criteria:
The uploaded entries will be open for voting online.

  • Once you upload, you get 100 points
  • Each like gives 20 points
  • Each share gives 40 points
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Last Date for Submission
Oct 2, 2017


  • Grand Prize for National Winner: Cash prize of INR 4 lakh
  • National Runner-up:Cash prize of INR 2 lakh
  • Outstanding projects will be displayed at the Rally for River city events and on Nickelodeon.
  • The weekly best artwork gets a cash prize of INR 10,000.
  • The daily best artwork will be mentioned on the website.
  • A school’s artwork will be recognised on the Rally for Rivers and Nickelodeon Social Media pages.
Upload Your Artwork
Last Date for Submission
Oct 2, 2017

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Creative Art Contest Winners

Weekly Winner (Sep 8th - 14th) Next Generation rallies for their right to water
Next Generation rallies for their right to water Gaurs International School, Greater Noida.
Daily Winner (Sep. 21) Rally for Rivers
Rally for Rivers Dav Public School, Bariatu, Ranchi.

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Contest Rules

  • The submission can be a student formation, painting, collage or sculpture.
  • Incorporate the Rally for Rivers logo & missed call number.
  • Only schools are allowed to make submissions.
  • Only one submission is allowed per school.

Submission Details:

  • One picture of the artwork has to be uploaded on the website.
  • An explanatory note of about 50 words can be uploaded with the artwork.

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For technical support, please contact
Phone : 91 9029302647
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नदी अभियान प्रतियोगिता
Now more than ever, we need to #RallyForRivers