Inner Engineering Online is a 7-session online course that provides tools and solutions to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it.

Inner Engineering has been taught by Sadhguru and Isha teachers for over 30 years. The online program allows one to take the course with Sadhguru in the most convenient setting through high definition streamed videos.

  • Inner Engineering is 7 online sessions, each about 90 minutes.
  • These sessions include discourses and guided meditations by Sadhguru.
  • Once you complete a session, you will be directed to the subsequent session.
  • You will also have access to the Treasure Trove - Wisdom from Sadhguru, a collection of Q&A videos related to each session.

Note: Please ensure that you watch on a laptop or desktop and internet speed is a minimum of 512kbps.

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