Suffering or Joy – You Choose!

At a memorial event in California, Sadhguru speaks about the transformation that one can experience through Inner Engineering. He explains that life is not suffering,…


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Gang-Rape on Delhi Bus – Sadhguru Speaks – Part 2

Sadhguru talks about the brutal gang-rape that happened in New Delhi on December 16 and triggered nationwide protests. Watch Video
Why Do We Seek Success in Relationships?

Why Do We Seek Success in Relationships?

Sadhguru discusses our yearning for human relationships and the various reasons why we seek them. Watch Video

UNIFY – December 21 2012

Sadhguru discusses the date December 21, 2012 and how it holds little significance without active human involvement. Watch Video

Difference Between Alertness & Awareness

Are alertness and awareness the same? Sadhguru clarifies that attention is a psychological process, while awareness is an existential dimension. Watch Video
Still is for Always

Still is for Always

Sadhguru explains about the nature of stillness as well as movement. Watch Video

Raising Human Consciousness

Raising Human Consciousness

Sadhguru explains that the one thing missing in today's world is the raising of human consciousness. Watch Video

Caught Up In Time

Sadhguru speaks about how various devices we created for our convenience - time, money, technology or comforts - can turn into burdens if we are… Watch Video

Can a Woman be a Guru?

Is it better for a woman to go to a female Guru? Sadhguru answers the question and speaks about the role, or lack there of,… Watch Video