Rally For Rivers

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Live Coverage Day 20 – Rally For Rivers, Indore

The Indore Rally For Rivers took place on the sprawling 118-acre lush green campus of the historic Daly College, founded by Sir Henry Daly in… Read Article

Rally For Rivers


Rally For Rivers: Looking Back on Week 2

Week 2 becomes a blur in the rear-view mirror as Rally For Rivers pushes on to Gujarat. Read Article

Rally For Rivers


Live Coverage Day 19 – Rally For Rivers, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh had its own share of surprises for the Rally – which will surely remain close to the hearts of the participants and volunteers… Read Article

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Rally For Rivers

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Live Coverage Day 18 – Rally For Rivers, Ahmedabad

Thousands of people turning up for Sadhguru’s second-ever public program in the city was the result of the untiring efforts of a small team of… Read Article

Rally For Rivers


Live Coverage Day 17 – Mumbai to Ahmedabad

"Bodvann" Mumbai, "Kemcho" Gujarat! Read Article

Rally For Rivers

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Live Coverage Day 16 – Mumbai

Mumbaikars take up the cause as their own during Rally for Rivers. Read Article

Rally For Rivers


Sadhguru Attends Govt of Maharashtra’s Plantation Conclave during Rally for Rivers

Sadhguru attended the Plantation Conclave hosted by Raj Bhavan on September 17th along with the Hon’ble CM of Maharashtra – Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble Governor… Read Article