Footprints on the globe with CO2 - Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Try Planting Trees!

Want to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? Try Planting Trees!

In today's article, we let you in on one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Now, being a 'greenie' is just a… Read Article

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Earth Day celebrations at Isha Yoga Center, April 22 2014

Earth Day Celebrations at Isha Yoga Center

Earth Day was celebrated on 22 April at the Isha Yoga Center with some exciting “earthy” games, videos and competitions. Here’s an event round-up, with… Read Article


Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO) meet at the Isha Yoga Center

Isha’s Efforts to Revive Indian Farming and Agriculture – Part 2

Continuing its efforts to revive Indian farming and agriculture, Isha has created several opportunities last year for farmers, and has many plans to keep up… Read Article

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Barefoot Brigade at Auroville Marathon - Isha Vidhya Team

The Barefoot Brigade at Auroville Marathon 2014

A “school-ful” of Isha Vidhya teachers, staff and students run a 21-km half marathon to show their gratitude and solidarity for the gift of good… Read Article


Teachers become trainers - Isha Vidhya

Coming of age – Isha Vidhya Teachers Graduate to Trainer-teachers

Isha Vidhya conducts teacher training workshops every year to help them develop necessary skills and learn innovative teaching methods. This year, a few teachers turned… Read Article


Isha Vidhya volunteers at the Mumbai Marathon, January 2014

Isha Vidhya Volunteers at the Mumbai Marathon 2014

On Jan 19th, early one cold Sunday morning in Mumbai, over 150 Isha volunteers assembled to run 6, 21 or 42 kms in the annual… Read Article

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Sadhguru with student debaters at the ThinkEdu Conclave, Chennai, Jan 2014

Sadhguru at the New Indian Express ThinkEdu Conclave

Sadhguru was recently invited to speak at “The New Indian Express ThinkEdu Conclave” on challenges faced by the Indian education system and ways to overcome… Read Article


Feedback session at Isha Vidhya Cuddalore school - Isha Foundation conducts workshops for Government school teahcers

Isha Foundation Conducts Workshops for Government School Teachers

Principals and teachers from government schools participated in capacity building workshops with Isha Vidhya, as part of Isha Foundation’s Government School Adoption Program. Read Article


Priya Vaidhyanathan, Ultramarathon runner, with Isha Vidhya students

A Tryst with Devotion – Running 100kms for Isha Vidhya

Volunteer Priya Vaidyanathan runs 100 km in the Nilgiris to raise funds for Isha Vidhya. Read about her amazing experience! Read Article


Book drive in Malaysia for Isha Vidhya

Book Drive in Malaysia for Isha Vidhya

Malaysia’s Isha Vidhya well-wishers make a huge haul with their book drive for Isha Vidhya kids, and send 92 boxes filled with books. Read Article


Isha Vidhya students playing ‘Missing Vegetables’ game

Learning, the Fun Way

Isha Vidhya’s teachers frequently come up with fun, engaging new ways to impart lessons to students. Here are a few that kindergarten teachers are using… Read Article