Mock Elections at Isha Vidhya

India is a democracy where every adult citizen has the right and duty to participate in the election process. This involves making informed choices after… Read Article



The Isha–Mahendra Higher Education Partnership: Progress So Far

With Isha Foundation’s success and experience with initiatives such as Isha Vidhya and Isha Home School, moving towards higher education was a natural step. In… Read Article



Crunching Exam Stress – Isha Yoga in Government Schools

Between June and December 2012, Isha Outreach conducted numerous Isha Yoga and Isha Kriya sessions, focused on helping students in government schools cope with exam… Read Article

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Nature – The true fashionista

Autumn is that picturesque time of year when the poets sigh and the photographers dust off their lenses. Have you ever wondered why some trees… Read Article

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Isha celebrates Pongal with 42000 people

20 villages, 800 Dancers, 42,000 People Dancing, One Day! Isha Foundation revives the joy of Pongal on an unprecedented scale  On Tuesday January 15th, a… Read Article



Sumo Robots and More – Robotics Workshop at IHS

The students at Isha Home School got an incredible opportunity to attend a workshop on robotics with Dr. Jawa from California State Polytechnic University. The… Read Article



Isha Vidhya at Dell Challenge: Every Vote Counts!

Isha Vidhya, the rural education initiative of Isha Foundation, is constantly on the look-out – for ways to create awareness, for opportunities to generate funds… Read Article



Revitalizing Pongal and Rural India

Pongal, a celebration of the harvest, is a tradition thousands of years old. But today, its vitality is ebbing, and rural India is losing its… Read Article


Bhairavi Jani at Isha Home School

Bhairavi Jani shares her vision for India at Isha Home School

Bhairavi Jani, Executive Director of India@75, and founder of logistics company i3pl, paid a visit to the students of Isha Home School, sharing her experience… Read Article


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Recycle Reduce Reuse – How you can help the environment

We produce 1.3 billion tons of trash a year. That’s more trash per minute than the weight of 7 loaded Boeing 747s! It's time to… Read Article

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Eliminating Punishment in School

Spare the rod, spoil the child, they used to say, but corporal punishment can lead to physical injury and emotional trauma. So, at Isha Vidhya,… Read Article