In collaboration with the Chief Education Officer, Isha Outreach has taken up this project of adopting government schools and providing much needed support by bringing in qualified teachers, providing remedial classes and running extracurricular activities. This being the first year of operation, students celebrated by planting 66 saplings in each school, among other activities.

Isha has taken 31 government schools under its wing this to enhance the quality of education and quality of life for the students. Totally, there are over 28,000 students who are being affected by this project, studying across two districts in Tamil Nadu. The project GenerationNext seeks to raise the necessary funds and awareness to give each of these children a solid education, which will lead to a brighter future and a life filled with possibility.

August 15th being Independence Day in India, many Isha volunteers took time off from their holiday to participate in the celebrations with the children. The day started with flag hoisting and singing the national anthem, as is the customary practice across the country. However this year, the volunteers had something different in store for the children, as each school had the opportunity to plant 66 saplings, commemorating India’s 66th year of independence. For many of the students it was a new experience, which they enjoyed thoroughly. Even for the volunteers, it was the first time visiting a rural government school and after seeing the students’ condition, many of them pledged to sponsor education for a child, in order to provide the necessary infrastructure and skills to enhance the school.

After a short session, where the children read several inspiring thoughts on independence, the crowd dispersed, each having an inspirational story of their own to tell.

Project GenerationNextseeks to make a difference in the lives of the rural community in India by enhancing education at a grassroots level. For any queries, please contact +91 94425 04720 / +91 94425 90065 or

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