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  • Idiots with Ultimate Potential

    Idiots with Ultimate Potential

    Midway through the Rally for Rivers, Sadhguru shares his views on the past fortnight. He writes about a Marathi Mirchi, the kind of idiots he enjoys being with, and the power of consciousness. Last but not least, he appeals to every one of us: “Don’t slow down; keep the gas flowing and the Rally for Rivers going – full throttle.”

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    Rallying in Good Spirits

    As the Rally for Rivers progresses, Sadhguru sends an update. Do not miss our slideshow with many highlights of the Rally to date. Sadhguru describes the objectives of the Rally and the envisioned policy, which will ultimately benefit everyone, from the river, to life around, farmers, local population, and the nation as a whole. What drives him to make all these efforts? A deep sense of inclusiveness. He says, “My engagement with Mountains, Forests, and Rivers goes back to my early childhood – not just as nature and resource that one would enjoy but as an integral part of myself.”

  • The Southern Roots of the Rally

    The Southern Roots of the Rally

    In this video, Sadhguru talks about the overwhelming response to the Rally for Rivers by the locals in the towns and cities he has come to so far. Speaking from Tiruchirappalli, Sadhguru expresses his concern about the sad state of the Kaveri river, which has been reduced to a trickle, even after the monsoons. He looks forward to his next stops in Puducherry and onward to his birthplace of Mysore.

  • Stand Up for Our Future

    Stand Up for Our Future

    With just two days to go until the “Rally for Rivers Day” on 1 September, Sadhguru calls on everyone nationwide to take a stand and demonstrate one’s responsibility and support in a simple yet powerful manner. He explains how we can participate, and why this is vital to achieve a long-term solution. Sadhguru clarifies that “This Rally is not about me or Isha Foundation – this is about the nation and the future of our children.” He also maps out the first few stops on the route after the Rally kicks off in Coimbatore on 3 September. Make sure not to miss it when Sadhguru is coming to your city!

  • Gearing Up for the Rally

    Gearing Up for the Rally

    Sadhguru updates us on his latest events, city-hopping from Kathmandu to Singapore, and back to Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. As the preparations shape up, Sadhguru gives a very promising outlook on the Rally for Rivers, saying, “Every section of society is so absolutely enthused about the cause of Rivers that it is almost like the nation was waiting for this Rally for Rivers.”

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