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  • Saving India’s Lifeline – Why Rivers Need Trees

    Saving India’s Lifeline – Why Rivers Need Trees

    On this Spot, Sadhguru writes about the alarming situation of rapidly receding rivers in India and identifies effective measures to counter this development and prevent disaster. He says, “We are destroying the soil and the water resources at such a rate that in another fifteen to twenty years’ time, we will not be able to feed these people and quench their thirst anymore.”

  • My Ishta Devata

    My Ishta Devata

    On this Spot, Sadhguru discloses who his Ishta Devata, the deity of his choice, is. Let us say this much: it is not who you think. While throwing light on devotion in its many facets, Sadhguru describes his approach by saying, “Devotion means involvement with no limits, prejudice, and conditions.” Sadhguru also observes that in his experiences, true leadership is a consequence of devotion, and he concludes by defining himself.

  • How to Empower Women

    How to Empower Women

    On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Sadhguru shares his view on the present situation of women in society, as well as his vision on women empowerment, both for the individual and humanity as a whole. He says, “Establishing an equal balance between the masculine and the feminine within you is the only way to intellectually and experientially know deeper dimensions of life.”

  • Live Life Exuberantly

    Live Life Exuberantly

    On this Spot, Sadhguru shares what made this Mahashivratri “the most incredible night” for him, and how this can be an inspiration for all of us. Click through our slideshow, which captures a multitude of unforgettable moments of the event. Moreover, Sadhguru allows us a deeply intimate glimpse on how he relates to Shiva through seven pieces of verse. “I prided in a heart / Strong and stable as a Rock / Then He came uninvited, / made my heart Beat and Bleed / For every Creature and the Rocks.”

  • Yogeshwar: A Heartless Yogi

    Yogeshwar: A Heartless Yogi

    As the consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga is unfolding in a phenomenal way, Sadhguru discloses more about the unique qualities of the linga, and how to approach it. He says, “The Yogeshwar Linga is a combination of ascetic discipline and exuberant ecstasy.” Also enjoy our slideshow with images of the consecration.

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Sadhguru with Arianna Huffington

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Spiritual Blast in Chennai

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A Burning Piece of Life

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