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  • Yoga – A Poem

    Yoga – A Poem by Sadhguru

    On the occasion of the International Day of Yoga, Sadhguru shares his poem “Yoga.” “Your face is hard, / they think you are a loveless wench / To me you are like a lover’s song.”

  • Reaching Out to Our Children and Soldiers

    Reaching Out to Our Children and Soldiers

    On this Spot, Sadhguru writes about this year’s focus of activities on and around the upcoming International Day of Yoga, and why yoga is particularly important for children and soldiers. He says, “The nation must benefit from the phenomenal possibility of Yoga.”

  • Passion for Everything

    Passion for Everything

    On this Spot, we have Sadhguru’s refreshingly personal responses to a volley of “rapid fire” questions launched by Karan Johar during the recent “In Conversation with the Mystic” in Mumbai. Our slideshow represents the flurry of events Sadhguru was part of in the last few days.

  • Loosen Your Grip

    Loosen Your Grip

    This Spot, Sadhguru shares the background to his latest poem “Mingle,” as well as his observations on why it is a struggle for human beings just to be happy. He says, “You are life – everything else, including the body and the mind, are accessories to life. Accessories are there to facilitate and enhance, not to overshadow or occupy life.”

  • Sadhguru speaking on “Pain and Addiction Management: Role of Yoga and Ayurveda” at the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts

    A Profound Sense of Life

    On this Spot, Sadhguru shares his new poem “My Day is Taken” and writes about the root cause of human suffering and how we can make our experience of life beautiful and fulfilling. Moreover, do not miss our slideshow with many interesting pictures from Sadhguru’s recent events and casual interactions in the US.

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Poem: Glory

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru posts his poem "Glory" about the magnificence of the sunrise and sunset. Sadhguru shares his inspiration for the poem, writing… Read Article

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Sadhguru speaking at the Isha Yoga Center - India the Spiritual Gateway

India – The Spiritual Gateway

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru writes about the relevance of India's Republic Day, and the significance of India as a nation. "India has always been… Read Article

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Thaipusam: Unleashing a Flood of Devotion

Over 6,000 devotees came for the culmination of the Thaipusam Sadhana at the Isha Yoga Center. In this week's Spot, Sadhguru posts his closing words… Read Article

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Sadhguru at the Book Launch of ‘Three Truths of Well Being’ in Singapore

Letter from Singapore

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru writes a letter from Singapore where he just completed the Mystic Eye Program and the "Three Truths of Wellbeing" book… Read Article

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“Sadhguru at Bhava Spandana program in Mahima, IIIS, TN, USA"

How to Surpass You, Sadhguru?

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru answers the question, “Dear Sadhguru..I have seen people who have done Inner Engineering, BSP, Samyama…But how to become like you?… Read Article

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A Joyful 2014!

Today's Spot is a tribute to the new year! Sadhguru sends us his New Year's Message which begins, "If you allow the source of creation… Read Article

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Lustful for Life: 20-Years in Retrospect

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru reflects upon the last twenty years of the Isha Yoga Center, and sets forth inspiring changes for the future. “The… Read Article

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Music and Spirituality

In this week's Spot, a seeker asks if music and spirituality are connected. Sadhguru responds, "Spiritual process is not connected with chanting, meditation...playing the guitar,… Read Article

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Nelson Mandela – The End of an Era

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru writes about the legacy of Nelson Mandela and the grace in which he lived his life. "The hallmark of Nelson… Read Article

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Linga Bhairavi – Divine Force You Cannot Miss

In this week's Spot, a seeker asks Sadhguru why her experience at the Linga Bhairavi was so intense; she was surprised to find that tears… Read Article

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Raising Human Consciousness

During the second annual Insight DNA of Success program, Sadhguru answers a question about how Isha was built from the ground up as an organism… Read Article