even days of exquisite music and a dance…Yaksha 2014 culminates into the Divine night of Mahashivratri. It had unprecedented levels of participation from across the world, thanks to live telecasts and webcasts.

The night passed rather too quickly for those who were there, delirious levels of joy and some fine music, and of course the meditative grace of this extraordinary night. This year was particularly special being the 20th year of these celebrations. How it has grown from the first one within the ‘Kaivalya Kutir’ with ‘Chennai paati’ singing her heart out in devotion to this one-of-a-kind event.

No celebration is grand enough for Him who has given us the tools of liberation. It is an important endeavour for me to make the world realise the immense significance of his contribution in elevating human consciousness.  His story, if properly conveyed, will become the greatest tool for individual liberation, and in turn a global transformation.

Join hands in specific efforts that we will be making in this direction.

Love & Grace,