• When I’m Gone

    When I’m Gone

    In this Spot, Sadhguru throws light on what will happen after he leaves his body, dispelling any possible concerns of those who have been touched by him as a Guru. Also, click through the slideshow of impressions from Sadhguru’s recent events.

  • Opening Up New Possibilities

    Sadhguru Spot – 7 Mar 2018 – A Personal Update

    In this Spot, Sadhguru recaps his past week’s activities and opens up about his love for the month of March, why the Isha Foundation won the “Green Crusader of the Year” award, and how the Rally for Rivers initiative is progressing. In view of the upcoming International Women’s Day, Sadhguru shares his view on the question of gender equality. He also announces the launch of FREESadhgurudownloads.org.

  • A Phenomenal Shift

    A Phenomenal Shift

    In this Spot, Sadhguru personally updates us with a spoken message on his past week. In view of the ever-increasing, overwhelming response he receives wherever he goes, Sadhguru also states his mission and vision for humanity at this point in time. Check out the video with Sadhguru’s message, visuals of events and activities, as well as his blessings.

  • Samyama, an intense meditation program begins at the Isha Yoga Center

    My Yoga – Poem

    In this Spot, Sadhguru shares his poem “My Yoga,” which he wrote today in the midst of the intense Samyama program. “Lost all sense about Sounds / and Silence. In utter Chaos / am in absolute Balance. Excruciating / Pain enjoined with profound Pleasure.” Click through our slideshow to get glimpses of Sadhguru’s recent events.

  • Sadhguru spot Mahashivratri

    What a Night!

    In this Spot, Sadhguru shares his personal thoughts and observations about the nightlong celebrations of Mahashivratri 2018. Check out the video with Sadhguru’s message and click through the photo slideshow to see highlights of the event, which is unparalleled in the world in its combination of profundity, scale, variety, and exuberance.

Master's Words, Video

What is Good, What is Bad?

What is Good, What is Bad?

Sadhguru looks at how good and bad is not really an existential reality, it is contextual to a particular society at a particular time. He… Read Article

Sadhguru Spot


Not Just a Housewife

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru posts an excerpt from a recent "In Conversation" with Juhi Chawla on the question of motherhood and career. Sadhguru says,… Read Article

Master's Words

Sadhguru's Enlightenment

Sadhguru’s Enlightenment in His Own Words

On the occasion of the anniversary of Sadhguru’s enlightenment, we present to you the story of this momentous event in his very own words. Read Article

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Master's Words

Vidyarambham on Vijayadashami

Vidyarambham – An Initiation into Education

A special Vidyarambham will be held at Linga Bhairavi on Vijayadashami on October 11. This special ritual introduces young children to the process of learning. Read Article

Master's Words


Making Peace of Mind the Foundation of Your Life

Sadhguru speaks on the quality of peace and explains the true meaning of being peaceful. Read Article

Sadhguru Spot


Launching Vivaha

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru announces the launch of Vivaha -- a form of consecration for marriages. “This is a very ancient form, probably not… Read Article

Master's Words

What is a Guru's Role?

What is a Guru’s Role?

Sadhguru explains the meaning of the word "Guru", and speaks of how the extent of a Guru's role in a seeker's life is in the… Read Article

Sadhguru Spot

Spot Photo Pride Poem

Poem: Peril of Pride

In his latest poem, Sadhguru asks which is the greatest folly - pride, anger, hate or greed. Sadhguru details the destructive nature of each, and… Read Article

Master's Words

Existence Knows No Right and Wrong

Existence Knows No Right and Wrong

Yogi and mystic Sadhguru tells us a story to illustrate that there is no right and wrong in life. The beauty of existence lies in… Read Article

Sadhguru Spot


Weaving Two Lives Into One

Today, Sadhguru celebrates the marriage of Radhe, and extends his gratitude to all who have played a role in her life. "Today marks the marriage… Read Article

Master's Words

The Foremost Quality of a Spiritual Seeker

The Foremost Quality of a Spiritual Seeker

Sadhguru answers a question on what should be the foremost quality of a spiritual seeker. Read Article