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    Why We Need Our Indigenous Cattle

    In this Spot, Sadhguru takes up the issue of endangered indigenous cattle breeds. Pointing out their unique value for the land and the people, for nutrition and wellbeing, he says, “In terms of health, in terms of cancer prevention, and above all, for our children to grow up well, and to fertilize the land, these indigenous breeds are very important.” He also describes the first small steps taken by Isha to conserve these cattle breeds, and his larger vision in this context.

  • CulminationPoem

    Culmination – Poem

    On this Spot, Sadhguru shares his new poem “Culmination,” in which he reveals parallels between his poetry, creation, and himself, in terms of their fundamental nature. He concludes, saying, “I am not cultivated with / education, etiquette or civilization / I am just a natural Culmination.”

  • How to Live the Best Life Possible

    How to Live the Best Life Possible

    On this Spot, Sadhguru cautions that setting goals means depriving yourself of greater possibilities. If you want to lead a truly successful life, there is a better way to approach it, he points out, and offers a simple method towards this objective. He also explains why the mentality of “doing less, getting more” not only means deceiving others, but above all, yourself.

  • Solstice

    Solstice – Poem

    On this Spot, following the winter solstice, Sadhguru shares another poem. “With passover of Solstice done/Much warmth and light/Is coming our way”

  • Don’t Wait ‘til Death to Come Alive!

    Don’t Wait ‘til Death to Come Alive!

    A survivor of a near-death incident asks Sadhguru how to experience life more intensely. Instead of waiting for your car to crash, says Sadhguru, you can be alive to life in every moment.

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Life is in its Appropriateness

Life is in its Appropriateness

The second three days of Navratri are Lakshmi related – gentle but materially-oriented goddesses. Sadhguru tells us a story about Vishnu's two wives, Lakshmi and… Read Article

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Why Tamas Matters?

Why Tamas Matters?

Sadhguru explains about tamas – the nature of the first three days of Navratri. Read Article

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What is Good, What is Bad?

What is Good, What is Bad?

Sadhguru looks at how good and bad is not really an existential reality, it is contextual to a particular society at a particular time. He… Read Article

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Sadhguru Spot


Not Just a Housewife

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru posts an excerpt from a recent "In Conversation" with Juhi Chawla on the question of motherhood and career. Sadhguru says,… Read Article

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Sadhguru's Enlightenment

Sadhguru’s Enlightenment in His Own Words

On the occasion of the anniversary of Sadhguru’s enlightenment, we present to you the story of this momentous event in his very own words. Read Article

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Vidyarambham on Vijayadashami

Vidyarambham – An Initiation into Education

A special Vidyarambham will be held at Linga Bhairavi on Vijayadashami on October 11. This special ritual introduces young children to the process of learning. Read Article

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Making Peace of Mind the Foundation of Your Life

Sadhguru speaks on the quality of peace and explains the true meaning of being peaceful. Read Article

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Launching Vivaha

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru announces the launch of Vivaha -- a form of consecration for marriages. “This is a very ancient form, probably not… Read Article

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What is a Guru's Role?

What is a Guru’s Role?

Sadhguru explains the meaning of the word "Guru", and speaks of how the extent of a Guru's role in a seeker's life is in the… Read Article

Sadhguru Spot

Spot Photo Pride Poem

Poem: Peril of Pride

In his latest poem, Sadhguru asks which is the greatest folly - pride, anger, hate or greed. Sadhguru details the destructive nature of each, and… Read Article

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Existence Knows No Right and Wrong

Existence Knows No Right and Wrong

Yogi and mystic Sadhguru tells us a story to illustrate that there is no right and wrong in life. The beauty of existence lies in… Read Article