• When I’m Gone

    When I’m Gone

    In this Spot, Sadhguru throws light on what will happen after he leaves his body, dispelling any possible concerns of those who have been touched by him as a Guru. Also, click through the slideshow of impressions from Sadhguru’s recent events.

  • Opening Up New Possibilities

    Sadhguru Spot – 7 Mar 2018 – A Personal Update

    In this Spot, Sadhguru recaps his past week’s activities and opens up about his love for the month of March, why the Isha Foundation won the “Green Crusader of the Year” award, and how the Rally for Rivers initiative is progressing. In view of the upcoming International Women’s Day, Sadhguru shares his view on the question of gender equality. He also announces the launch of FREESadhgurudownloads.org.

  • A Phenomenal Shift

    A Phenomenal Shift

    In this Spot, Sadhguru personally updates us with a spoken message on his past week. In view of the ever-increasing, overwhelming response he receives wherever he goes, Sadhguru also states his mission and vision for humanity at this point in time. Check out the video with Sadhguru’s message, visuals of events and activities, as well as his blessings.

  • Samyama, an intense meditation program begins at the Isha Yoga Center

    My Yoga – Poem

    In this Spot, Sadhguru shares his poem “My Yoga,” which he wrote today in the midst of the intense Samyama program. “Lost all sense about Sounds / and Silence. In utter Chaos / am in absolute Balance. Excruciating / Pain enjoined with profound Pleasure.” Click through our slideshow to get glimpses of Sadhguru’s recent events.

  • Sadhguru spot Mahashivratri

    What a Night!

    In this Spot, Sadhguru shares his personal thoughts and observations about the nightlong celebrations of Mahashivratri 2018. Check out the video with Sadhguru’s message and click through the photo slideshow to see highlights of the event, which is unparalleled in the world in its combination of profundity, scale, variety, and exuberance.

Sadhguru Spot


New Year Message 2015

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru sends his New Year message for 2015. Enjoy! Read Article

Master's Words

Get Wise Before You Get Old

Get Wise Before You Get Old

Sadhguru looks at how most people unfortunately come to some sense of wisdom too late in life. He urges us to look at life now,… Read Article

Master's Words

jesus christ super star

Jesus Christ Superstar

Christ and Christianity are almost synonymous. But in the name of the "Son of God", have we lost the essence of the incredible humanity that… Read Article

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Sadhguru Spot


Looking Back at 2014

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru reflects upon the events of 2014. "The passing of the winter solstice and the beginning of Uttarayana heralds the coming… Read Article

Master's Words

Is Life Suffering or Joy? The Choice is Yours

Is Life Suffering or Joy? The Choice is Yours

Sadhguru looks at how whether our life is graceful and wonderful or a series of difficulties is determined only by us and not external situations. Read Article

Master's Words

Intensity on the Spiritual Path – The Story of Nachiketa

Intensity on the Spiritual Path – The Story of Nachiketa

Sadhguru tells the story of Nachiketa from the Upanishads, and discusses intensity, a fundamental aspect of spirituality. Read Article

Sadhguru Spot


The Joy of Being in Grace

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru reminds us, “Grace is not something that is on and off. It is not something that you question every weekend.… Read Article

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June 21 International Day of Yoga

International Yoga Day – Sadhguru’s Message

The United Nations has declared that June 21 will be celebrated every year as International Yoga Day. The resolution was co-sponsored by 175 of the… Read Article

Sadhguru Spot

Quote Photos Nov 1-30

Poem: …….before he creeps upon you.

In his latest poem, Sadhguru writes about living at full-pitch and experiencing the intensity of not only life, but of death. “To know the coolness… Read Article

Master's Words

A Yantra in New York

A Yantra in New York?

Sadhguru answers a New Yorker’s question on whether the Linga Bhairavi Yantra would be appropriate for Americans as well. Read Article

Sadhguru Spot


Building A High-Powered Engine

In this week’s Spot, a seeker asks how to manifest what they want in life. Sadhguru reminds us, “Don’t worry about what you should have… Read Article