Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

The medical community has been showing a great deal of interest in the anti-bacterial properties of copper. In today’s article, Sadhguru gives us the yogic perspective on the importance of storing our water well, and how water stored in copper vessels can play a significant role in cleansing our system of various toxins.

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Sadhguru: What you call as “myself,” what you call as the human structure is essentially the work of a certain “software.” We know today that software means memory. Whether it is the individual human body or the larger cosmic body, essentially, they are made of five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. All the five elements have a memory of their own. That is the reason they behave the way they are behaving.

Because water has memory, we are very concerned with how we store it.

Today, particularly in the last few years, much experimentation has been done and they have found that water has memory – it remembers everything that it touches. We have always known this in this culture and we have been using this in so many ways. Our grandmothers told us we should not drink water or eat food from just anyone’s hands; we must always receive it from people who love and care for us. In temples, they give you one drop of water, which even a multi-billionaire fights for because you cannot buy that water anywhere. It is water which remembers the divine. This is what theerth is. People want to drink it so that it reminds them of the divinity within them. The same H2O can be poison or it can be the elixir of life, depending upon what kind of memory it carries.

Because water has memory, we are very concerned with how we store it. If you keep water in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, the water acquires a certain quality from the copper which is very good for your liver in particular and your health and energy in general. If water is being violently pumped and is travelling to your house through many turns in lead or plastic pipes, with all these bends and turns, much negativity happens to the water. But while water has memory, it also has a way of unfolding itself back into its original state. If you just leave this tap water undisturbed for an hour, the negativity will undo itself.

If you’re constantly traveling like me, if your food is not necessarily controlled, minor poisons are always getting into you in various forms. Copper handles those things for you.

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