Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Atlanta

Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Program is coming up in Atlanta. Here’s the story of a seeker, who finally found what he was looking for during one… Read Article



Isha Kriya Day in Singapore

Over a hundred people in Singapore got their first taste of inner joy and bliss, at an Isha Kriya session organized by volunteers. Read Article


4  Houston Inner Engineering Program

Sadhguru’s Schedule in the US

Sadhguru’s upcoming 2 months will be spent across the US, and a series of exciting programs are planned. Find out his schedule for March. Read Article

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First Dance at the Suryakund

The pavilion of the Suryakund was the elegant setting for the arangetram of Vaishnavi Viswanath, whose performance was the personification of grace and elegance. Read Article



Music, Dance and Inner Transformation – Inner Way With Sadhguru

115 participants from across the world experienced the bliss of The Inner Way with Sadhguru, earlier this month. Read Article


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Exciting New Isha Releases

We are thrilled to announce the release of Isha’s latest Books, DVDs, and CDs. Read Article



Culmination of the Shivanga Sadhana

The extraordinary 42-day Shivanga Sadhana culminated the day after Mahashivratri. Here’s a recap of the events. Read Article

Isha Yoga Center


Mahashivratri 2013 Live

Mahashivratri, the biggest event in the Isha calendar, the most wonderful opportunity to receive Grace is here! We'll be bringing you the events as they… Read Article

Isha Yoga Center


Shivanga Sadhana – Walking to Grace

The Shivanga Sadhana offered by Sadhguru is a powerful process that allows one to explore higher levels of experience in body, mind, and energy. It… Read Article

Isha Yoga Center


Join Us For Mahashivratri 2013

There’s just two more nights to go till Mahashivarathri! Find out how you can join us on this night - one of the most powerful… Read Article



50% for 50 hours – Isha discounts

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of 2 new websites, and some exciting early bird offers. Read Article