Sounds Of Isha Live

Join us Sunday morning (27-01-13) at 6:30AM (IST) for a one-hour concert in celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Linga Bhairavi consecration. This Thaipoosam day also… Read Article



Shivanga Sadhana

The Shivanga sadhana is a powerful 42-day vrata (period of sadhana) for men. Shivanga initiations are now available at many cities around the world. Read Article



Sadhguru Conducts Inner Engineering for Thousands in New Delhi

From 18th to 20th January, Sadhguru conducted an Inner Engineering program for over 3500 people in New Delhi. It was a rare opportunity for the… Read Article

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Thaipoosam – 27 Jan 2013

This year, Thaipoosam falls on 27 January and at the Isha Yoga Center, we will be celebrating it in a multitude of ways. Read Article


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Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program

We are excited to announce the Isha Hata Yoga Teacher Training Program, July 22nd to December 16, 2013. The 21-week program, devised by Sadhguru, to… Read Article

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Isha celebrates Pongal with 42000 people

20 villages, 800 Dancers, 42,000 People Dancing, One Day! Isha Foundation revives the joy of Pongal on an unprecedented scale  On Tuesday January 15th, a… Read Article

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Tapping into the Akashik Intelligence

Ever wondered why some people seem to breeze through life while others struggle? Sadhguru tells us about akashik intelligence, and gives us a process to… Read Article



Exceeding Capacity – Sadhguru to Conduct Inner Engineering in Delhi

From 18-20 January, Sadhguru will be offering an Inner Engineering program for 3,000 people in New Delhi. As of now, only a few hundred seats… Read Article



Youth and Truth – a rocking combination!

Labeled “Youth and Truth”, this month's "In Conversation with the Mystic" saw Sadhguru converse with the popular young actor Siddharth on a variety of subjects. Read Article



Chennai Celebrates Isha Kriya Week

In a great start to 2013, volunteers kicked off the Isha Kriya Week in Chennai, to distribute 4 lakh Isha Kriya DVDs in one week. Read Article



Inner Engineering Program with Sadhguru in Delhi

The Inner Engineering Program with Sadhguru, in Delhi this month, is a unique opportunity to engineer an inner transformation that deepens the very way you… Read Article