Sadhguru attended the first-ever World Economic Forum on India, which took place from 6-8 November, 2012. Attended by all the major business leaders of India, the forum also attracted many top professionals from abroad, who were involved with business in the sub-continent.

Sadhguru was a member of the panel “Healthy Living: The Future Asset”, which addressed the various health issues being faced in India today. Each member of the panel was given an allotted time to speak, after which they took questions. Sadhguru began by speaking about the state of the rural villager in India, that by moving from sustenance farming to cultivating cash crops in the last few decades, his health and wellbeing have gone down dramatically.

Delving into the social and economic reasons behind the degenerated situation of health in the villages, Sadhguru shared his experience of the interventions undertaken by Action for Rural Rejuvenation and Project GreenHands. One aspect which had a huge impact on people in the villages were simple instructions on hygiene and nutrition, which was missing in the rural culture. He went on to state that any intervention will not go far without the cooperation of the Center and that many issues faced by the rural population today can be handled by changes to lifestyle and nutrition.