The Theerthakund is a subterranean water body energized by a Rasalinga, made of solidified mercury. Suryakund, a new Theerthakund for men, is being consecrated by Sadhguru in the Dhyanalinga Complex on 21-22 Dec 2012. The current Theertakund will then be converted into the Chandrakund for women. Stay tuned here for live updates from the consecration process.

Suryakund – A Tremendous Possibility

Sadhguru took the opportunity to thank all those involved with the construction of the Suryakund. He particularly mentioned that it was a very unique structure with enormous spans, which is only possible when you use steel. Putting together a structure using both steel and stone is a huge challenge, particularly because the expansion rates for both are dramatically different. Despite this, they pulled it off tremendously well.


The above is a video of the Suryakund construction, put together along with interviews of the Isha construction team, which show the immensity and incredible proportions of this endeavor.

Apart from that, so many people have been involved in organizing this event, so that over 10,000 people can participate. We thank all the volunteers, teachers, residents and bramhacharis who have worked together to make this a reality!

The Grace of the Suryakund

Following the Sathsang, all those who did not get an opportunity to soak in the waters of the Suryakund, came down to take a dip. The kund will be open tonight until midnight to allow everyone to come and experience it.


Nature of Consecration – Sathsang with Sadhguru

In the Sathsang after the Suryakund Consecration, Sadhguru spoke about the consecrations that have taken place in the Isha Yoga Center in the last few years. Since the Dhyanalinga Consecration, which was witnessed by a small handful of people, the Linga Bhairavi, Adiyogi Alayam and Suryakund consecrations have each been attended by thousands.

He mentioned that the way each of them were consecrated were distinctly different. Traditionally all the forms that were consecrated were done for a particular purpose.

“When a god or goddess was made, they were done for particular processes. And those who made them, chose to give them a form, certain attributes and capabilities. So there is a certain way to access them, make use of them. Or in other words, we have infused them with a certain intelligence. They have their own discretion.”

Speaking on the consecrations at the Isha Yoga Center, Sadhguru said, “All these three have an intelligence of their own, but the Theerthakunds have no intelligence, they simply reverberate all the time. They cannot act in a particular way for a particular person. It is like sunlight – same for everyone.”

Sathsang with Sadhguru – Live Online

In another 10 minutes Sadhguru’s Sathsang will be streamed live online.  Don’t miss the opportunity! Register here.

Suryakund Comes Alive!

The kund is quickly cleared, with the help of bramhacharis and prepared to be filled with water. Making his way to the consecrated snake in the central pillar, Sadhguru offers 11 coconuts wrapped in black cloth, breaking them on the ground in a swift movement.

Sadhguru then returns to the kund and makes a fire offering on the avudiyars, this time to the edge of them. Now the moment all have been eagerly awaiting – water flows from high on top of the Suryakund and the gents rush to soak in it!

After having a dip in the streaming water, they come to receive the energies of the  newly consecrated Rasalingas. The participants are overjoyed at the culmination of this momentous event – they are finally able to come and receive the Grace of the Suryakund! After some time, the ladies are also given an opportunity. Separate timings are given, so that all the 10,000 participants have the chance to take a dip before evening.

The next session is at 6:40pm, a Sathsang with Sadhguru. This event will also be livestreamed at Isha Live – Register now if you haven’t already!

The Lingas Unveiled

After a few more touches and processes, Sadhguru uncovers the Rasalingas. Once the upper portion is removed, we can see the small protrusion hidden underneath the cloth – a metal sculpture of a cobra majestically resting at the top of each linga.

Sadhguru then applies of mixture of milk and other substances to each linga, thoroughly cleansing it of other offerings. The lingas then stand bare with the cobras resting at the top.

With a small basket in hand, Sadhguru offers vilva leaves at the crown and base of each linga. The participants are eagerly awaiting the moment when they can descend into the Suryakund and take the blessings of the Rasalingas.

Three Become One

After the break, Sadhguru entered and the chanting commenced. The final process before the inauguration of the Suryakund began with an Arati to the Rasalingas by Sadhguru. After the Arati, Sadhguru cut the thread connecting each rasalinga with the fire, and wrapped each of the lingas with the thread. Placing camphor on each linga, Sadhguru made an offering of fire to each.

Going to the first linga, Sadhguru began to remove the turmeric-stained cloth. What lies beneath each and what is the protrusion at the top of the linga?

Preparing the Kund

Volunteers prepare the Suryakund for the Consecration process by removing the rampways and turmeric-soaked cloths surrounding the rasalingas.

Things seem to be coming to the final consecration, with lots of preparation happening in the break. Stay tuned for more updates.

Livestream – Sathsang with Sadhguru

Tonight’s live streaming of the Sathsang with Sadhguru has been tentatively preponed to start between 6 – 6:30pm IST / 7am EST. Please plan to come online by 6pm. To register, log onto:

Please Note: Due to the sensitive nature of the consecration, the sathsang may happen earlier the day, however in that case the sathsang will still be shown in the evening for those who have registered.

The sacred sound AUM reverberates around the world

The sacred reverberation that is AUM, filled the Suryakund and Adiyogi Alayam, as over ten thousand participants chanted in unison, with several thousands more participating through the live webcast.

Before the process, Sadhguru explained that AUM was a combination of the three fundamental syllables, and described to the online audience how it was to be uttered correctly:

“AUM needs to be uttered as a full exhalation. When you exhale with mouth open, the sound ‘Aaa’ will happen. As you close your mouth, it becomes ‘Ooo’ and then ‘Mmm.’ This is the most basic sound. AUM does not belong to the beyond, but it is the last point of physicality. It is the gateway to the beyond. If you do not open the gate, you do not go beyond.”

Sadhguru also spoke of the impact this process could have, and said that because of the intense energy processes and the power of the space, the ten thousand people involved in the Suryakund consecration have the impact of a few million human beings.

With Sadhguru there to guide the process, is this a momentous shift in human consciousness?

The session is going into the lunch break now. Before the participants leave, Sadhguru gives the men a special instruction – to come shirtless for the next session! Wonder why?!

Live Global Telecast

To benefit a global audience and raise human consciousness, the Suryakund consecration is being telecast live for half-an-hour on the website Join Sadhguru now, live!


In the morning, before the session had begun, brahmacharis brought a massive vessel to the Suryakund and began mixing various ingredients in it. When Sadhguru arrived, he conducted a certain process with the mixture, and prepared the Rasayanam, a powerful theertham which was distributed to all the participants by the volunteers.


Salutations to the Sun

One major feature of the Suryakund that nobody can miss is the Sun sculpture which hangs from the ceiling. Constructed just two days before the consecration, the Surya is 20 feet across and has been constructed out of brass and copper.

Normally a project of this size and complexity would take six days, but given that the consecration date was fast approaching, the Isha Fabrication team finished it in less than two, taking more than 120 man-hours to complete it.

Sounds of Isha sing the Surya Ashtakam, with the resounding chorus Tham Surya Pranamamyaham – Salutations to the Sun. Meanwhile, Sadhguru is doing a process with a large vessel in front of the central Suryakund Rasalinga. More updates to come!

Day 2

Cooking for 10,000 People!

As we mentioned earlier, conducting a program for 10,000+ people is something that would make the bravest hearts tremble. However, these things happen at Isha effortlessly, with tremendous joy and care about every aspect.

There is a lot that needs to happen behind the scenes of a program that involves thousands of people. Cooking and preparing food for all of these people is a stupendous task! The kitchen team has done an incredible job in the last two days, making sure everyone is fed thrice a day.

Huge vessels are brought for food preparation and transported to 5 different locations for each meal. This is something which takes a huge amount of coordination and understanding among the kitchen team, as well as various departments at the yoga center, to push it to completion. But somehow, despite the daunting task, they always manage to bring the food on time, with the right quantity!

We’d like to acknowledge all the volunteers, residents and bramhacharis who have joined together to make this happen!

Photo Gallery of Day One of Suryakund Consecration

View Here

Snakes – Beings of Healing and Perception

Why is so much importance given to snakes, especially in the East? Western culture has often eschewed snakes, calling them agents of the devil – but was it always so? In the Sathsang following the evening process, Sadhguru explains how the worship of snakes has been there across continents and cultures because they saw the snake as a being of tremendous possibility.

Sadhguru: “Why is the snake important? Snake is not a creature, it is a certain dimension of life. Its life is not individual, it is connected – it is not a life of its own. Suppose your life was happening in such a way that it constantly reminds you of being one with everything, then you would know that your life is connected.

Snake has been seen as a tool for perception

Snake was very much a part of just about every culture on the planet, without exception. The worship of snakes around the world ranges from Mesopotamia to Africa, from Siberia to North America. These images are right across the planet, not just in one place, because wherever people try to perceive, not believe, in all those cultures, snake symbolism was always there… This is a tragic transition that the world has made in the last hundred years, from perception to belief.

The snake has been seen as a tool for perception, because snakes and healing have been so directly connected. Intertwining snakes with three and a half coils was seen as a symbol of healing. Any number of stories refer to that, all over the world.”

Speaking about the Suryakund snake, Sadhguru mentioned, “He will grow into capabilities, of healing and power, and after some time he will grow so much that you can call him and be connected to him. Certain benefits can be achieved, health of course…”

Naga Nagendraya

The session starts with the chant, while Sadhguru’s chair is moved to the center of the hall, near the largest pillar. Maybe we are about to see what lies beneath? He walks around and then opens the black curtain just enough to put his hands inside. There is a large pot of neem in front of the pillar, a pot of water, and a vessel which is filled with some flammable concoction. The chanting is on – 21 cycles is the rhythm of the day!

Sadhguru sets fire to the contents of the vessel next to him and then reveals the immense cobra carved onto the main pillar. He applies vibhuti to its neck and tail, while the chant “Naga Nagendraya” makes the whole crowd sway. Sadhguru then applies bright red kumkum to the cobra’s neck, which glistens on the black stone. He holds a coconut wrapped in a black cloth over the fire for a few seconds, before breaking it with a powerful swing, which he repeats with several more coconuts.

After that, Sadhguru applies neem leaves and flowers on the immense cobra – the bright fire of camphor glows at the base. What is the purpose of this whole process? Stay tuned to the next post to find out!

An Offering of Water

Sadhguru mentioned that once the three Rasalingas in Suryakund are submerged in water, they will function as one. This was one of the reasons the turmeric-soaked thread was strung between the three lingas at the beginning of the consecration.

As a part of this, the Isha Brahmacharis and Sanyasis have been instructed to keep the thread constantly wet and can be seen periodically applying water from copper vessels along the entire length of the thread. This is to support the process of the three lingas becoming one in energy.

A Reflection of the Sun

“Of all the vegetation on the planet, we find that the neem is like a reflection of the sun”

The participants were each given a neem leaf, which Sadhguru asked them to chew and keep in their mouth. He mentioned that neem has a very direct connection with the sun and increases the heat in the system.

“All life upon this planet is solar powered… Among all life which is bred by sun’s energy, the neem has taken the maximum amount of solar energy. This is why it is considered healing – for just about any ailment, neem could be a solution. The chemistry of the neem is just a consequence of its connection with the sun.”

An Offering of Sacred Ash

After pouring water on the 3 lingas, Sadhguru pours vibhuthi over them, then places neem leaves on the avudiyar. Following this, all the participants are offered one neem leaf.

Sadhguru then places black sesame seeds on top of the vibhuti encompassing each rasalinga.

Suryakund – 10,000 Strong

In order to accommodate the overwhelming response from people wanting to experience the Suryakund consecration, Sadhguru opened up the Adiyogi Alayam for participants to take part in the process. Apart from those sitting in and around the Suryakund, thousands are sitting in the powerfully consecrated space of the Adiyogi Alayam.

Totally 10,224 people are taking part in Suryakund consecration – an event seemingly impossible and daunting in any other scenario, but effortlessly carried out by the residents, volunteers and brahmacharis of Isha Yoga Center.


An Offering of Fire

Sadhguru does a process with fire by lighting camphor at the base of each of the Rasalingas. He brings the attention back to the chanting by mentioning that the masculine has always celebrated valor and that a certain aspect of devotion and valor are very much connected. Sadhguru tells the participants that they should put that valor and intensity into the chant each time they do it.

The human mechanism itself is hugely influenced by the solar cycles. Sadhguru mentions that the chant for the participants will be happening in cycles of 21 – a number which manifests in a significant way in the human being and the cosmos.

Mantra – A Powerfully Consecrated Sound

Chant during Suryakund Consecration

Butesha Yogisha Sarvesha
Aumkara Nirakara Lingendra
Nagendra Neelendra Shivaya
Adi Anantam Janmanashanam
Shiva Shiva Shiva

Sadhguru speaks on the process of chanting, “It’s not like ‘Everyone is chanting, so I can just sit.’ If four people are carrying a load, one smart one will make himself a little shorter… Don’t be the smart person, it is the smart person who gets left out. You are so very smart that you can deceive yourself out of life… Sit here as if you are the only one here.”

Session with Sadhguru

Drums celebrate the arrival of the mystic willing to share the secrets of his “trade” out of his compassion. Sadhguru arrives, dressed in black top with angavastram. Walks from one lingam to the other, then when seated, sings “Karacharana Kritham Va”.

Sadhguru speaks for sometime about his own experience with conducting various consecrations starting with the consecration of the Dhyanalinga. A powerful chant starts, Sadhguru saying the participants should taste the sounds as if tasting something new, with eyes closed.

Morning Session

Everyone is seating still, some meditating, some watching with anticipation the unfolding final preparations.

Large turmeric colored platforms around each lingas to give access to Sadhguru to walk around, and the Samskriti children chant Guru Paduka Strotram.

Compared to the depth of the Suryakund, Sadhguru’s chair and even the rasalingas seem small. A brass and copper Sun measuring 2.5 meters diameter majestically hangs from the ceiling. The central column, easily 30 feet high, has its base covered with red and black cloth, hiding what is underneath. We will soon get to see what it is….

Written in Stone

The construction of the Suryakund has been a massive effort. Like so many structures in Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, it has been built with granite – built to last, not decades, not even centuries but thousands of years. The reason, as Sadhguru explains: “Because when we build a temple we want to ensure that it’s there for a long period of time. I am thinking five thousand years. I don’t want to build a temple in concrete, cement… which will collapse in a hundred years, because the energy process that we do will last easily for four, five thousand years. So we want the temple structure also to last that long.”

The excavation for the Suryakund started on 11 June 2011, and on 25 July 2011, a crane lowered the first block of stone, adorned with a garland, into the huge pit. Since then the ashram has become used to the constant sounds of drills and hammers, the incessant hum of machines as the work progressed at amazing speed.

In the past one-and-a-half years, over 700 people have put in some extremely rigorous man hours into making this structure. Close to 250 blocks of granite, each on average weighing between 35 – 50 tons, form the solid walls. The biggest stone used weighed 80 tons.

  • From floor to rooftop, the Suryakund is 66 feet high.
  • The entire structure – including the mandapam and steps – measures 250 by 230 feet.
  • Three rasalingas will be placed in a copper-lined space measuring 130 by 40 feet.
  • The Suryakund is embedded 20 feet below ground-level, and its walls rise another 12 feet.
  • The sacred tank can accommodate about 500 people at a time.


We bring you some pictures of the construction of this fascinating space.

View Gallery Here

Day 1

Participants Arrive

Whoever didn’t make to ashram last night came to the yoga center in the morning, to register and make it for the first day’s session. Warm smiles greeted the participants who were eagerly awaiting the start of the consecration process.

View gallery of today’s photos here

That done, everything was cleared from the place, and Sadhguru smeared the grooves in the pedestal with an ochre paste and then performed an abhishekam for each of the lingas, pouring water and then ash and smearing them with kunkum. The snake-motifed grooves on the sides of the avudiyars were coloured red with kunkum as well. Sadhguru then adorned the lingas with garlands and leaves.

Then as the singers chanted Bilvashtakam, bramhacharis drew thread across the length of the teerthakund several times over, smearning the twine with paste. The thread was then tied thrice across all three lingas, tying them together. Sadhguru lit a heap of camphor at the edge of each structure and the day’s events ended with the arati and the Guru Pooja.

The lingas have now been left to await the wonderful event that will take place tomorrow and the day after.

The lingas were then placed on the pedestals but to one side, not quite in place. Sadhguru took the white protective cloths off the avudiyars and prepared the concave shapes that were to receive the linga. As the Guru Paduka Stotram was sung, the team positioned the three lingas very precisely in their position with the utmost care and attention.

Placing the Lingas

Positioning the rasalingas is a delicate job that requires immense precision to get them into place. Each rasalinga weighs over 600 lbs, so getting it into the proper position is no easy task. Using a system of pulleys and chains, the lingas are raised into place above each avudiyar.

An Invocation to the Sun

Then it was time for the cranes got into action. Carefully, each of the rasalingas was carried and deposited at the floor of the Teerthakund. With Sounds of Isha singing an invocation to the Sun – Tvam Suryam Pranamamyaham – the rasalingas were then moved precisely by trolleys, fitted with chains and positioned with the help of pulleys. Each rasalinga was gingerly placed on the avudiyars or decorative pedestals that had been created for them.

The Rasalingas Arrive

It was with excitement that the participants of the Suryakund consecration seated themselves along the steps of the Teerthakund this evening. Beautifully adorned with greenery, the gallery above was lit tastefully. Sadhguru arrived to cheers and claps, driving a bullock cart. As the accompanying drummers and singers sang the Guru Paduka Stotram, the cart stopped in the center of the upper landing: it bore the three lingas wrapped in yellow covering.

Bringing the Rasalingas

In the lead-up to the Suryakund consecration that will take place over the next two days, the actual site will be readied today in the evening. Sadhguru will preside over proceedings in which the three rasalingas will be brought to be placed on the avudiyars or the pedestals that have been made for them. The lingas have been meticulously prepared over the past months – the mercury has been solidified through the ancient science of Rasa Vaidhya.

Annadhanam for the Sevadhars

Over the last few months, over 700 sevadhars have been a part of constructing the Suryakund, working as skilled and unskilled labor in various capacities. Today the residents and bramhacharis of Isha Yoga Center served a special lunch for all the sevadhars, to honor them for giving their time and life for this project.

A traditional meal served on banana leaves, the lunch consisted of tasty South Indian fare such as spicy tamarind rice, papad and rasam. It was a wonderful opportunity for those at Isha to serve and offer their gratitude to all those who worked to make the Suryakund a reality.

Sadhguru Darshan

Yesterday evening during Darshan, Sadhguru responded to a question about the Suryakund, whether the Rasalingas would be consecrated differently for men. Sadhguru responded that definitely it will be consecrated differently, geared more towards the masculine. He said that fundamentally, the Theerthakund was consecrated to enhance the receptivity in a person and allow them to experience the energies of the Dhyanalinga. In that sense, the masculine becomes receptive in a different way than the feminine, thus the difference in the consecration process. After the Suryakund consecration is over, Sadhguru mentioned that the Chandrakund for women, which is the current Theerthakund being used by both Gents and Ladies, will be modified to make it more conducive for the feminine.

Check out the new ebook, “Enlightenment:What it is”, in which Sadhguru looks at what it really means to be enlightened. It is available for free on amazon during the Suryakund consecration. Please note that Amazon ebooks can be read directly on your web browser, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Click here for details.