he 16th to 18th of August saw Sadhguru’s presence in Malaysia & Singapore. In the weeks leading up to the event, volunteers rallied together and everyone was set to invite Sadhguru to the sunny peninsula. Sadhguru gave a public talk and conducted a meditator’s Sathsang in Malaysia, followed by a meditator’s Sathsang in Singapore. Following are a few sharings from the volunteers:

“From the time Sadhguru landed on Malaysian soil, we all were so energized – there was this silent buzz about. Sadhguru’s long awaited presence at the meditator’s Sathsang was a dream come true… he was finally here in Malaysia! The Sathsang had a personal feel with Sadhguru answering many questions from meditators. Sounds of Isha Singapore played superbly at the close and most meditators were up dancing, unable to contain their joy.

The next day was the public talk “An Evening with Sadhguru”. Watching over 2500 people flocking into the hall for the public talk, filling it to the brim and sitting with utmost attention and focus was amazing. The surprise of having Ramli Ibrahim give a short performance as a loving offering to Sadhguru was indeed heartwarming.

Sadhguru then took to the dais after a brief introduction and sharing. The audience wascaptivated by Sadhguru’s talk, his blend of wit, fact, precision and clarity just took over the auditorium, everyone sat attentive. When Sadhguru offered the Isha Kriya to the audience, there was pin drop silence in the audience, and the looks on their faces after was something to behold.

I trust this could very well be the winds of change here, and I have no doubts that it has set into motion a certain urgency and restlessness amongst the volunteers – a longing to spread the word of Isha to every corner of our beautiful country. No matter what we strived for it still seems a minuscule offering compared to what Sadhguru has gifted us.”

– Isha Volunteer, Malaysia

“The smell of incense wafting through Agora Hall of Republic Polytechnic was enough to put one in a peaceful space immediately. Everything was done so willingly and sincerity seeped through every nook and cranny, filling every space with this sort of loving energy that pulls up the corners of people’s lips and drops twinkles in their eyes.

We started with practices and during the Aum chanting, it was as though everybody’s voices were ringing as one and lifting one another up higher and higher. As soon as Sadhguru entered the hall, there was a palpable sense of calm throughout the room as everyone settled down to start the Sathsang.

The questions asked by the meditators were mostly about the 5 elements of the human body and Sadhguru answered each one with patience and love. The entire Sathsang was a very enlightening one as Sadhguru spoke about the body, what it is made of, what it can do and the immense possibility we have whilst we reside in this body. He taught us the importance of taking care of it, how we can take care of it and why we should. The Sathsang ended with Sadhguru speaking about evolution and how we can support our loved ones in their spiritual journey. He emphasized the importance of taking time out for oneself because when people take time out to be by themselves, they work on making themselves better people which will in turn benefit the people around them.”

– Isha Volunteer, Singapore