It was in April 2012 when the first group of 10 people from China participated in Inner Engineering. Though they didn’t understand a single word of English, they were very keen on attending and being with Sadhguru, so with the help of a translator, they joined the Shambhavi weekend with Sadhguru in Singapore.

It all started when Mr. Wei Chao, who runs a brand management company in Suzhou City of Jiangsu province, was surfing the net in search of spirituality. He came across Sadhguru’s TED India talk, and with the help of a translator, went through the video, after which he had a deep desire to know more about Sadhguru and Isha. Later he read the Chinese version of “Midnights with the Mystic” three times! It took another few months to arrange his and his friends’ attendance at the Singapore program.

He says, “I found it difficult to find out the details about the Inner Engineering program, as I didn’t know any English, but I didn’t give up and finally made it.”

After the program, as he noticed a significant improvement in his health, Wei Chao decided to start a blog to express his experience and realized that many others were becoming interested in knowing about Isha after reading his blog. Since then, there are frequent and regular groups from China participating in Inner Engineering programs and visiting the Isha Yoga Centre.

In May 2012 Wei Chao visited the Isha Yoga Centre for the first time. He says, “This place is so uniquely beautiful, very powerful and energetic, I felt like staying here.”


Last year, a group of 8 Chinese also participated in Kailash Sacred Walks, and Wei Chao says, “There is a saying in Chinese that, if one gets to know about the true wisdom in the morning, in the evening one can die without any regret. After visiting Kailash, I now feel that I can die without any regret.”

Recently, on January 23rd 2013, another larger group visited the Isha Yoga Centre after participating in the Delhi mega program. Their openness, receptivity, eagerness and willingness to share are very inspiring.

With the effort of Wei Chao and Alice (one of the translators), we have launched an Isha Yoga website in Chinese, along with a translation of Isha Kriya. The translation of Sadhguru’s books into Chinese is in progress and we look forward to the next steps! More exciting news on Mahashivratri…