he Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru that took place in Hyderabad last week (15-17th June) was an amazing affair. With thunderclouds in the sky and torrents of rain lashing down on the roof, 310 people were initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra. Prominent people from various walks of life – the Telugu film industry, the IT and business community, politics, government and other spheres – participated with touching levels of openness and enthusiasm. The program also saw a contingent from China that came prepared with wireless headphones and a translator! They were so moved by the program that they invited Sadhguru to China.

The three-day event was no easy task for volunteers either, for on Saturday evening, after the day’s last session, with a gap of barely half an hour, the hall was to be ready for the “In Conversation” event. The progam set-up was rapidly altered to accommodate not only the nearly 3,000 people who were thronging the gates, but also to prepare for live-streaming the event across the world. The volunteer team had promised to transform and deliver the hall in half an hour: they delivered in 25 minutes.

The final day was no different – only this time, the crowds waiting to be let in were meditators, come to attend Sathsang with Sadhguru, which was scheduled after the wrap-up session. Several of the participants stayed back for the sathsang after the close of the Inner Engineering program. The experiences they had just undergone were too new for easy articulation, but the joy and radiance on their faces spoke volumes.