Since the last ‘In Conversation’ event with Jaques Rocher and Seemantinee Khot on 19th February, viewers have been anxiously awaiting the next episode. The fact that the guest speaker this time was K.V. Kamath, chairman of Infosys and ICICI bank, made it all the more eagerly anticipated.

Mr. Kamath started off by speaking with Sadhguru about inclusive economics and what role that has to play in shaping the field of business. The conversation then moved to the nature of ego, and how many times leaders must make and destruct businesses, despite personally not wanting to do so at times. Sadhguru spoke about how the pleasure of activity becomes available to a person only when within himself there is no need for action – one performs action only because it is needed. Unfortunately however, for most people the action is about them, in terms of trying to become something with action. Sadhguru further reiterated that action should be an expression of who you are. Instead of that, many times people are doing action to become something, which is putting the cart before the horse.

When discussing about greed, Sadhguru asserted that in a capitalistic and market economy, we should not talk about greed, we should talk about creating better laws for people to live well:

“It is for the laws to manage the greed, so that it benefits everybody else. There is a saying in the African lore, ‘When the lion feeds, everybody else gets fed.’ So when you’re a lion you have a big capability, it is for the laws to make it in such a way that if you profit everybody should live well, instead of talking about greed and service and corporate social responsibility.”
– Sadhguru

The talk ended with questions from the audience, one of which was about the subject of corruption. Sadhguru went on to explain that many of the corrupt people in the country are not doing so out of maliciousness, they are just trying to take care of their own. In the feudal systems of the past this was the norm, but now it is time we come out of that we move out of that way of thinking and move into a truer sense of democracy where the wealth is more evenly distributed.

We’d like to thank our guest speaker and all the other guests who came out yesterday evening for the event. Our thanks also to our sponsors and the many volunteers who came together to make this event happen. Please visit our website at inconversations.com for full coverage of the talk.