Every weekend, leading TV news channel “Headlines Today” telecasts episodes of Sadhguru in conversation with several eminent personalities. The episodes air on Saturday and Sunday at 7:30AM.

Through the Mystic Eye
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Every Saturday & Sunday – 7:30AM

This week, the episode features a Mahashivratri special. Sadhguru looks at several little known aspects of Shiva, describing him towards the end as “the Ultimate Outlaw.” Encounter Shiva like never before! The episode also explores the significance of Mahashivratri, and includes interviews with various well-known personalities during past celebrations at the Isha Yoga Center.

Tune in this weekend!

Editor’s Note: We’re offering the Mahashivratri Outlaw Package – an online companion to Shiva. It includes Sadhguru’s latest ebook, “Shiva – Ultimate Outlaw,” and Vairagya, a set of five mystic chants.

Download Mahashivratri Outlaw Package

Isha is launching an online Thunderclap Campaign to take Shiva to the world! Join us if you’d like to make some “noise” and spread the word about Mahashivratri. All it takes is a tweet. (Facebook messages also make a lot of noise!)